Carns Hill
Check Dis
[Intro: Kenny Powers & Monkey]
The amount of money I'm gonna be making would hurt your parents' feelings
Remember the class where I taught you all how to make it rain?
Gang, gang, gang, gang
That's what I'm gonna be doing every single night
67, drillers

[Verse 1: Monkey]
Check this doe
Dem man don't bang, DM man don't trap
'Dey don't make dough
Put money in poles
Dem man there just flex with hoes
Juggin', juggin' all I know
Doing drills or a show
N***as know, n***as know
Man slap corn at your bro

[Verse 2: Youngs Teflon]
I was in school, no books, with the sharpest tooley
I don't get around with foolies
When we come around we won't even wanna take your jewellery
Dem man not scrappy, they're Scooby

[Verse 3: K-Trap]
Microwave or the pot
Turn the soft into rock
.44 or dat dots
Put your face on a top
M10 when I lurk
One popper or on burst
Yola straight from the Turks
Got both we're breaking down herbs
[Verse 4: Youngs Teflon]
No order
Man misch and mash, like Trap man taking orders
'Ting came light like Smalls, can't believe it's not Flora
Got that '80s Harlem aura
In skengs we trust 'round 'ere don't cross that border

[Verse 5: K-Trap]
And what's the deal?
Heard dem whacked and it could be Skeng or it could be Skrill
Dem man like veg when beef's getting cooked for real
All I need is carbs and flake when I cook that meal

[Verse 6: Monkey]
Big clip on the side
You don't know about waps
Long day doing trap
For: money, mum and dem waps
Up and down in dem flats
Trap money, get that
Four man, trench coat, make it rain with that MAC

[Verse 7: Dimzy]
Drive 'round and then walk
Make him dash like it's sports
Watch him go for the wall
Crash it, humpty dumpty off the wall
Gang shit on estates
Gang shit on the stage
Big spinners or the gauge
Man done leaned on your estates
[Verse 8: Liquez]
I'm from the Hill
We lurk for kills
We got shows, we got skengs, you know we trill
Still gripping on the heavy handgun with teeth
So you will get drilled
You know I will

[Verse 9: R6]
Splash, splash for a opp boy, it's like a lake in here
.22 wasn't der, you best take a chair
Savages and we poled up with our jeans all flared
Run arff gang with the ten toes, dem man come like gears

[Verse 10: Dimzy]
See me lurking with Liquez
No face like I'm Reekz
Big machine with teeth
Fry a man, flee the scene
R6, ST, Itch will ching the place, watch him leak
But every day we stay working
Making sales for this P

[Verse 11: Liquez]
You don't wanna see the .44 in a four-door like my bro Dimz'
With knife get chinged
Get straight to the action, man don't think
Might bring my darg in
Load it up, cock it back, then I go clart him
I do what I like, my attitude stinks, my diamond blings
[Verse 12: R6]
Rolled on road
Three postcodes
17, Drive or Bricky, dem man know
Step with pole
Who wants smoke?
No face no case
6 unknown

[Verse 13: ST]
Two bells in a gauge
Civilians, move out the way
Splash, splash, chest, back, don't forget his face
Splash, splash, get cash, lay low, dodge jakes
Trap, trap for a better life
Trap hard 'til my feet ache

[Verse 14: Itch]
Two-door, three man, one wap, two shanks
Poled up so he's getting whacked
Dark Knight with Peter Crouch
Upsuh making grands
This lifestyle's fucking nice
Big bro whip in the kitchen
So I dished him the ice

[Verse 15: ST]
Hopping out of the four-door
Two man and der's two more
N***as chatty, check the scoreboard
He's been whacked already, and chinged before
Ching, ching then ching more
Don't do a bop, we dash off
Fuck these opps they all poor
Don't get no money, don't get no gwop

[Verse 16: Itch]
Boom, boom with that dotty
Facetime with that shotty
Skid, skrr with the guys, really tryna catch a body
Dash when I see 'dem lights, cah they know I got somebody
Went jail three times, ain't going back for nobody