Clinton Sparks
Let It Go
"Get familiar!"
"Hold on there, hey you! Wait a minute"
Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton Sparks
"Hold on there, hey you! Wait a minute"

It's nuttin new, I started with Steve Stoute
'Round the same time B.I.G. first put Cease out

Same thing, but I started with Penalty
"L.A., L.A." the West coast was the enemy

But we still found a way to link up with Dre

And recorded The Firm album, out in L.A
Now that shit squashed

[Nature] Got guns in the strip bars
[N.O.R.] Stay on rims faster than you get your shit squashed
[Nature] Y'all lil' n***as ain't cut like that
[N.O.R.] You n***as move out the hood then you move right back

And get surprised when we move like crack and amphetamines
No more chocolate, smokin on the better greens
Yeah, from Flint Michigan to Pensacola Florida
Got a shorty borrow her, and I bail horror

[Nature] Yeah, wind and rain like back to back hurricanes
[N.O.R.] Ivan and Francis, feelin like it's hurra same

[Hook: repeat 8X]
[N.O.R.] Load it, cock it, aim it, let it go

Funk I had to smash I'mma smash back
I got a elevator in the crib, cause I got a bad back

Yeah, yeah, yeah, premier after scared as "Fear Factor"
N***as cannot see me clearly with glasses

Ha, so you n***as moved back from the boss
Dat dat, dat, da-dat's when you're lost!

[Nature] Check his medical reports and the dental files
[N.O.R.] All you need is one-two for a simple smile
[Nature] I've got a shorty givin brains so I'm always gon' brain her
[N.O.R.] And man I'm gettin fat I'm 'bout to hire me a trainer
[Nature] Fuck a low carb
[N.O.R.] Cause now I'm like pro-God
[N.O.R.] Fuck a diet n***a cause I'd rather get a blow job
I got a gun but don't need to use it
Fuckin up the world like Serena losin

[N.O.R.] Load it, cock it, aim it, let it go
[N.O.R.] Load it, cock it, aim it, let it go