Family Guy
Makin Whoopi
Quagmire: Another bride

Joe: He looks so gay

Quagmire: Another June

Joe: Oh what a day

Quagmire: Another sunny honeymoon

Joe: hip hip...

(Peter fires and hits Joe)

Joe: Oww

Quagmire: Another season..

(Peter fires and hits Quagmire)

Quagmire: awwk! Another reason

Together: For Makin' whoopee!

(Near miss by Peter flies by Joe's head)
Joe: Look, you aren't going to shoot us in the eye are you Peter?

(While aiming at Joe's eye)

Peter: Oh no, I wouldn't try to shoot you in the eye.

Quagmire: A lot of shoes

Joe: We're throwing shows

Quagmire: We're throwing rice

Joe: Its all so nice

(A BB hits Joe in the forehead)

Joe: Oh, whoa! Peter! It was really close to my eye!

Peter: Relax Joe, I'm nowhere near your eye. Hey Joe, open your eye.

(Peter hits Joe in the eye) Gotcha!

Quagmire: What the hell, Peter? You shot Joe in the eye!

Peter: Keep singing you! And keep your chin up so I can see your throat.
Quagmire: No, no! Screw this! You're a jerk!

Peter: Jerk? What kind of a way is that to talk to your friend who gives you money?

Quagmire: Go to hell, Peter! We don't need your money! And we don't need friends like you!

Joe: Yeah! We're outta here!

Peter: Fine! Go on, I don't care! I don't need you! I got money!

Quagmire: You know Peter? You used to be a great guy, but ever since you won that lottery awwww!

(Peter shoots Quagmire in the throat)

Quagmire: aww aww... Come on Joe, fuck this guy.

(Mort Goldman appears)

Mort: I'm here to audition for Fiddler on the Roof.

Peter: Come right in.