Un Kasa
Take Em To Church
[Intro: Cam'ron]
This that Harlem music right here
This that diddy bop, get ready for the winner music right here
That's what it is
Killa, Dipset

[Verse 1: Cam'ron, Juelz Santana & Un Kasa]
Uh, uh
You know me dawg, I just wanna keep the peace
But saying my name, that's only gonna lead to beef
Tell my n***as chill, but they wanna heat the streets (Be Easy)
Or do it on record, check-we spit heat to beats
Everybody welcoming this, welcoming that
He wasn't welcome in the first place, how we welcome him back?
Give me the MAC, let me welcome with that
Tell "Mr. Rogers", I leave his brains on the trolley track
Now prolly that
Listen, y'all stop It (stop)
Know you appalled, got it
But this my call by the false prophet, all profit (all profit)
Harlem hustler (yep), I can't at all knock it (nope)
But you hard, when you go in the Lord pockets
What you offering, put it right in offering
They take it all, cash, credit, silver, down to porcelain
Look at the Porsche he's in (look at it)
Then give them portioning (to Who?)
No handicap, Annie or her orphan friends
Friends, but the sizzurp I'm drinking on
Birds I'm thinking on
Get your Kirk Franklin on
Word, so you get your Ben Franklin on
Just when you think it's wrong
One blink, he's gone (damn)
[Chorus: Cam'ron & Juelz Santana]
Father Forgive us
We gon take him to church
Father Forgive us
And the truth it hurts
Father Forgive us
And that won't work
No, No, No, No, No Way

[Verse 2: Cam'ron]
Yo, you try to handle us
Get on the air and damage us
Screaming out Harlem (huh) like you ain't just abandoned us (Where you been at?)
Well let me fill you in, now it's a whole clan of us
Blink so mad, he went and beat up Canibus
Zeek got shot then Zeek locked up (then)
E got killed (what else?) B popped up but
B hopped up and still broke out his chest
On probation, Doe on house arrest (what up Doe)
Right out the flesh
Sit in a house and rest
He don't pout, get him gear, in the house he fresh (Fresssh)
Not that you care, just getting clear and think
One glare and wink
Everyone wearing pink
I'm the reason that your two rings are clear (Yeh, What Else?)
I'm the reason that your ear rings is square (Yeh, hear?)
Now we take trips to casinos, to lovely homes
You check on Lotti's mom, Minos, Honeycombs (Homes)
You trying to fake it with Cardan, pardon
You gonna leave them naked like Tarzan
[Break: Cam'ron]
Cudda Love know that too
Holla at Cudda, ask Nelly about him

[Chorus: Cam'ron & Juelz Santana]
Father Forgive us
We gon take him to church
Father Forgive us
And the truth it hurts
Father Forgive us
And that won't work
No, no, no, no, no way

[Verse 3: Cam'ron]
Yo, yo
I kill diamonds, get with pearls
I ain't trying kid the world
I ain't got beef, when I do, I say (Get 'Em Girl)
Not a diss dawg (nope) we just heard the fronting (Heard It)
Do Harlem a favor (What?), get a church or something (something)
A rec center in the winter where the youth can play
They don't even shoot the J
Sell drugs, shoot and spray
I'm no better, still moving deuce a day
Two, that's two keys, I still move the yay' (yayo)
Found a newer way
My crew do and say
Fist fights to shootouts, we won't move away
[Outro: Cam'ron]
All my n***as that held it down the last half a decade
My n***a Gruff, Bad 140th, 139th
Black tone, White Tone, 142nd Rell Street
And 141st, Tito, My Jamaicans, My Belegians
33 33 Polo grounds, St.Nick colonial Jurist
Lincoln, Taft, Forster, Johnson, Jeff Wagner
Wilson, East River, The 9, 145th St.Nick, 145th Broadway
Lukas, Taliban, 135th, 118th, Manhattan
134th and 8th, Powerful what's really popping
Sarge hold your head, Freekey Zekey hold your head
The ol' B.B.O., 151st Amsterdam holla at your boy
A.K. Jackie Rob, All my n***as in Harlem
Get your hustle on
Keep your muscles strong
I know about the blocks you hustle on
Killa! Dipset