Un Kasa
Purple City Byrd Gang
[Shiest Bub]
Yo it's Shiest Bub yea you know I'm a veteran
10th grade , I was a Varsity Letterman
Introduced to crack Now we headed to maryland
Feins knockin' at the door, Go ahead n***a let 'em in
Yea we poppin', Cop 4 ki's when the cheddars in
N***as I ain't worryin Send shots an they scurryin'
These actions we Hurried 'em bastards we burried 'em
In the belly the beast it's Shiest Bub I bury 'em

Thats us that Purple City Byrd Gang (EASTSIDE)
Thats us that Purple City Byrd Gang (WOOP WOOP)
Dipset that Purple City Byrd Gang (WE RIDE THE 5)
Hardbody That Purple City Byrd Gang (EASTSIDE)
Thats us that Purple City Byrd Gang (WOOP WOOP)
Thats us that Purple City Byrd Gang (DIPSET)
Dipset that Purple City Byrd Gang (EASTSIDE)
Hardbody That Purple City Byrd Gang

Catch me Ot maybach wit' a bitch
2 macks strapped to the lips Now rapidly spit
2 bad brazilian bitches wrappin' my spliffs
2 Byrds strapped to they hip Purple seats lavender 6
Hundred' thou' just to wrap up the wrist
Nod you head cash in your whip
Got the crack stash in the van
Yo them macks I got them stashed in the trench
Empty clips 2 when I'm havin a fit
2 guns I ain't havin' that shit
Diplomat purple city better honor that shit
It's on my arm wit' that shit
For your moms, put a bomb in her whip
They be wonderin', where the car and her went On some arsenal shit
Jim Jones is the capo of this
You up next my n***a just let those cartridges spit
Yea n***a you know whats gonna happen
When I pull up and pull out all your gonna hear is WORD TO THE 5


[Jim Jones]
You fuckers Now knock it off the drama then pop it off (say word)
I cop shotties the noses I chop 'em off (BDDDDAAT)
I'm hard body lord knows I got to floss (Blingin)
The big body you know the top come off (WOW)
Now be all eyes (yea)
We be them guys (UH OH)
Hundred' g's on the ride Gun at me when I drive (PURPLE CITY)
Gun on me when I ride (WHO WANT IT)
Cause' that envy jelly the street n***as get delt on the street
Shout out to melly and zeek (YEA)
Just get ya' health and just creep
It ain't tellin' me peace, I'm bout to melt 'em with heat (BOOM BOOM)
Thats for them ice cream n***as (UH OH)
Pull up with the a-k an lite them cream n***as (BABOOW)
Yea its word to the byrd its jones on a roll
It's the crome to your soul let 'em blow there they go (THERE THEY GO)
Thats word to the Byrd thats to the Byrd Gang
Its Purple City in this bitch you heard man