Un Kasa
Outro: Un Kasa
[Intro: Juelz Santana & Un Kasa]
Did I do that?)
We would like to welcome y'all back
Dipset, bitch
You heard that
It's only right, haha
Oh yeah, let's go

[Verse: Un Kasa]
Uh, four white bitches in the Waldorf
I'm tryna fill four whole walls up with Warhols
Me, fall off? A hunnid plugs in my call log (Log)
You lookin' at the motherfuckin' main event (Uh)
I can write a rhyme, spit it out before I think of it (Uh)
Record the whole album, get a mix, and won't play the shit (Uh-uh)
Blow my nose in hunnid dollars bills like a handkerchief (Uh)
I'm the best that ever touched the mic, what'chu think this is?
(What'chu think this is?)
We don't die, we multiply like the baby kids
Half you n***as frontin', you ain't even what you say you is (Uh-uh)
My old shit hotter than your latest shit (Latest shit)
My old bitch hotter than your latest bitch (Pyoon)
New Wraith, same color as potato skin
Play to win, I been nice since this light dropped, paper thin
Bad bitches at the door, whores, let 'em in (Let 'em in)
Purple City days, I was a Varsity Letterman
Pardon my etiquette, the God in his element (I'm in my element)
I get charged up for jars of the medicine
Felony favors, my partners is predicate
Car come with curtains, the ride is so elegant
I'm flyer than you ever been (You ever been)
Motherfucker, you don't fly like a pelican (A pelican)
I'm mixed with cocaine and heroin (Heroin)
Get your stamp and your spoon for the medicine (Medicine)
Better than you've ever been (Ever been)
You n***as cannot fuck wit' me a little bit
You serious? I am what you fuckin' call a lyricist
It's vividness (Vividness)
Every bar I ever spit was intricate, commemorative
Verbally I'm syphilis with sentences, the sicknesses you witnessin'
This is what the difference is (Uh-huh)
Intelligent is infinite, you motherfuckin' idiot
Intelligently edited to every fuckin' increment (Uh)
Immune to your ignorant, belligerent deliverance (Deliverance)
With limitless experience for you simpletons (Simpletons)
I'm Diddy dancin' to the bank for the Benjamins (Woo)
Fatigues and some Timberland, Promethazine and Ritalin
Marijuana magnificent in the meridian
Mastermind the millennium (Millennium)
Mathematics, maliciousness (Maliciousness)
Finesse verbal so viciously (Viciously)
Feminine in your tendencies (Tendencies)
Lyrically, I am the gun that killed Kennedy
Bigger than any centipede, the world gon' remember me (Me)
Thirty chains, I gotta glow like Mr. T (T)
I'm the best, yeah, I guess that was meant for me
Fuck Trump, that n***a a chump, don't mean shit to me (Shit)
Power to the people, all my n***as take a knee
[Outro: Un Kasa]
Bitch, Dipset
Dipset, bitch
Kasa (What?)