Too Shady
[Cha Cha]
Uh, Cha Cha
You bet this broad get it all from a n***a
From the car to the figures
Even your tour money
Honey since last fall in December
I've been getting that
And setting that to the side
If I pinch that
It's only cause your royalty and pub checks ain't in yet
Why you wait so late to get pissed?
I just about done spent this
You know you wish you hit this
Some just know where to trickin'
But listen I know you wish you had to see
These broads ain't get you like I get you
They ain't as bad as me

When I first met you girl I
I was a fool
Had a n***a trippin' thinking that I
Would get with you
Baby having you all to myself
Just wasn't like no one else
You tried to play me
But now I see you shady and I
1 - [Profyle]
I got a feeling that you're
Too shady, just too shady
Baby I thought that you'd
Change your ways for me
I got a feeling that you're
Too shady, just too shady
Although I wanted you
Too shady for me

Always claiming that you're this and that
But I see through
When a playa play a girl
That's a fact
And I'm your fool baby
Now that you know the deal
We can still do our thang
Only difference is baby let's keep it real

Repeat 1

[Cha Cha]
You know I'm shady
Can't keep me to a titi petity
All in Wykiki on the weekends
Sneaking freaking with Didi
Pile America's little sweeties in your two-seater
I'm through wit ya
You the man since you low-keyed her
You wish you was still my man instead of my ex
Cause I be living in your land instead of his Lex
I'm the next broad ain't one to be kept y'all
Get it where I left off
It's time for new playas to intercept y'all
Yes y'all
Repeat 1 (2x)

[Cha Cha]
Cha Cha, uh-huh, uh-huh
Profyle, uh-huh, uh-huh
Noontime, uh-huh, uh-huh
Kedar Entertainment you know what it is
Yeah, yeah

Repeat 1 till fade