Take Me Back

(Hey Phinix, I heard they wanna fly like you)

I promise you it isn't always pretty
See, I used to spit in my shadow's face
After dancing with the devil
I was a hypocritical rebel
But, who can criticize how He changed this heart of lies?
And transformed my targets
Talking resolution wise

When ink on pages transforms into a voice on stages
When an intelligent mind blesses a hungry audience
The artistic vibe threatens authentic decadence

Now, what's the trouble for?
I'm not a troubadour
But this art, I'll travel for
Hey boo (bull) I'm a matador
Now watch me turn these metaphors into pedastals

It can't be all about bars, content's important
So allow me to introduce you to My Father, in this Family, ain't no such thing as an orphan!
So come to Him
None can counter Him!
Keep your countenance
You can count on Him!

When a dark cloud overshadows you
And it seems your breakthrough is past due
He fights for you
His Son died for you, rose on the third like one past two!

Take me back to the moment His sweat was like blood as He prayerfully
Took my cup of wrath and gave me His peace in Gethsemane!

If you forget all I've ever said remember that True Gospel is in the
Fact that Jesus died for all our sins and set us free!
Tell me, are you really free indeed?
Kill the flesh daily, that's a Christian Assassin's Creed!
Cause true freedom is being from all bondage and captivity!

(Calm down Phinix, you're getting ahead of yourself now)

Oh Come down Spirit and let your presence flow all around
I began to pour out my heart on this from the word go
Just cause we're found in the same circle don't mean we're on the same level

It can't be all familiarity, respect's important
Allow me to introduce you to the Son
Took away my sins, his blood was the solvent
Don't run from Him
You can run to Him!
He's waiting for you to just give your heart to Him!

When all seem to be doing better than you
And it seems you can't overcome your struggles
Give Him your burdens and he'll be your joy within
This life, you'll enjoy with Him
Renewed spirit, it's an instant thing
Cry for him like an infant thing
Bow to Him with your knees in sync
Worship Him, like your lungs can sing!

I encountered Him and He gave me new vision as He lifted me from my fall
Then He said what the apple of my saw was made vivid in the eye of the Apostle Paul

He makes the blind to see, you would know that too if you just took a look
I go with such spontaneity my name could be 'Misty Cook'

Artfully, I'm an anomaly
I normally ain't about Ms. Right cause I have a thing for Miss Concept like I'm fallacy!
He created Bruce Lee so no suprise how he's kicking this sin nature out of me!

My sins are the reason why your Son bled
3 nails, 3 days produced a history remade
Even on that cross He forgot self and attended to the thief next to him
Such humility in service and pain leaves a man like me perplexed within
Your name, Your blood can really set us from all forms of the power of sin!

Take me back to the morning they found your tomb was empty!
When redemption knocked and declared my doom had left me!

It's evident
That I'm forever indebted to you Jesus and no lawnmower could cut down my life long loan (lawn) covenant!
He's coming back..