Can’t Let Go
Song: can't let go

Every time i go to the lab and just make
Hits yall know how we do it yo profly lets do this!!

Oh ooh ooh oh ooooh oh oh ooooh (do you wanna to ride with us tell me do you
Wanna ride with us) all i want!!!

Chorus: all i want all i need is to show
You all i got just you & me oh baby do you
See i got a feel for you and what you mean to me ?
I won't lie to you baby,baby got it going on
I can't let go

V:1 lately you've been acting kind of strange lately
I've been wondering if things have changed cause i dont
Really won't to lose your love but i got to be strong enough
To keep from fallen off so what's going on i really want to
Tell you ....

Chorus repeat (1x)

V:2 what will it take for me to show that i want to be
All that you'll ever need so baby just believe in me cause
Im given up without a fight girl i really won't to make it
Right so tell me what to do and i'll (and i'll do it for you)
Chorus repeat to end