Lil’ Snupe
In the Air (freestyle)
[Verse 1]
Look, I finally became a grown man, now I'm my own man
Prayin' for my pops hopin' he end up bein' a strong man
I didn't have him so I had to get my own plans
Now that I'm with Meek I started gettin' my own grands
But my mama still strugglin' on the low
Kinda got me thinkin' should I go pick up the dope
And plus I got connects and they ready for me to score
But is that the life I want, real shit hell no
Man, I'm tryna get this rap money, fuck trap money
I want that Rolls Royce, fuck 'lac money
But at the same time I gotta double back money
And it ain't nothin' like that weed and that crack money
Man this shit is wrong but it feel right
I'm really out there tryna get this shit every night
These n***as already know that I been earned my stripes
And shout out to Meek Mill that n***a really changed my life

Man, I'm far from a Harvard student, I just had the balls to do it

[Verse 2]
Look, I'm on the throne like a king
Ridin' through the Miami streets in a phantom the shit kinda feelin like a dream
Lookin' at my n***as like look just where we came
Look the shit we did now we finally in the game
Yeah, I started from the bottom, now we here
I said we started from the bottom, now my whole team fuckin' here
Ain't no fuckin' waitin' on you n***as
We doin' our own thing we ain't hatin' on you n***as
This been plan A since day one, A since day one
And we got them guns and we'll spray since day one
Ain't never change, ain't never been no pussy
Always been a legend even when I was a rookie
Now all of you pussy ass n***as playin' hookie
But I still will kill one of you n***as if you push me
Hottest in the game and all you n***as gotta face it
I'm 2Pac Shakur reincarnated
Man, I'm far from a Harvard student, I just had the balls to do it

[Verse 3]
Look, me and my n***a used to fuck the same hoes, rock the same clothes
Now I got him on stage with me when I'm at shows
Everybody say man I ain't seen so many foes
These n***as right here came through here and they smell like dro
We smokin' on that loud shit, I said that loud shit
So many white people they tell us turn it down bitch
'Cause they say this project n***a he done finally got in this game
Man he straight doin' his thing
Yeah, I do this shit for my life, do this shit for my life
All those times when i was wrong said turned out right
'Cause now I'm in that limelight, and I shine right
And your bitch keep my dick on her mind right
Every time in that studio, I make people pull there hair like they Coolio
'Cause they know I set it off, like Cleo
My mixtape drop, I'm on the motherfuckin' corner like Leebo I'm gone