Emcee Donald
[Intro: Xage]
EMCEE Donald
Let's get it down in this bitch
Atomic Chain Baby
I'ma kill someone tonight

[Verse 1: Xage]
I ain't no clown kid; I'm an Emcee
The name is Donald bitches; and I got Happy Meals
Throughout the week I make you eat all the shit I make
I'm all over the world and I'm filthy rich

I'm the baddest in the business; come and look at me
Big curly M at the top is representing me
I make burgers and deals that make your tummy smile
And all the while I'm shittin' outside KFC

Look how much you love me; your kids love me more
They wanna sit on my lap and slide through the freakin' floor
I'm makin' sure they get their happy meals on time
With a toy to keep them comin' from time to time

See Donald's got the juice; Donald's got desserts
Donald's got his Big Macs right up there where it hurts
Donald's got the shizz; Donald gets paid
Donald's makin' money with his Chocolate Sundae
See Donald's got the cone; Donald's got the shakes
Donald's got it better than anything in Subway
Donald's got it good; Donald's got the cheese
Donald's killin' everyone from Burger Hub to Hardees

You don't wanna mess with me, son
MC Donald up in this bitch right here
Killin' all of y'all
One place at a time, bitches
O Yeah
MC Donald; Signin' out
Fuck y'all