Fred Jones vs Astolfo
[Verse 1: Astolfo (SkeepTieel)]
As a servant, it's my "Grand Order" to bring your final Fate!
So as a Paladin of Charlemagne I'll win this for my master's sake!
A Holy Rap War; your traps I'll verbally disarm
Servant's servin' ya, decapitate ya by his sword with this arm!

[Verse 2: Fred Jones (Seth W.)]
Time to unmask it's gender, Gang! I'll be the one ou-trapping you
Is Hitler in your show? I'll abuse your ass like he beat le jews
So dang submissive, no wonder your class is Rider
So eat it you French Femboy! I hope you're not a biter!

[Intermission Fred Jones (Seth W.) & Chihiro Fujisaki (SkeepTieel)]
Uh, yeah, hello?
Is this thing ooooooon?

[Verse 3: Chihiro Fujisaki (SkeepTieel)]
Call off your Rube Goldberg machines, let's go mano a mano!
As part of my training, yo, I sure hope my life isn't cut short!
And I've devised a little program to Alter your Ego!
Now try to lead your gang of misfits when you're dommed by Chihiro!

[Verse 4: Fred Jones (Seth W.)]
Your floppy disk of a hard drive is in for a dissin'
You're trap Jesus and I'm in the mood for a crucifixion!
Get a Clue!
You'll have no chance to rebuke when I'm through! Bitch!
And while you stay forever dead, I'll constantly get rebooted
[Intermission Fred Jones (Seth W.) & Felix Argyle (SkeepTieel)]
What the fuck

[Verse 5: Felix Argyle (SkeepTieel)]
Listen up you fuckstick! My name's Felix, meowswares!
Healer, knight, yes, the carpet matches the drapes down there
You'll be dead like Rem against Trapass by Kustom Beats
When I Crusch you flat like me
With my paws and my feet~!
This cat's a carnivore when compared to yo vegetarian!
You wouldn't beat up a girl, would nya?
Hannya Barbarian?
Just chill out, Robbie Rotten and leave ya weak traps for later!
Cuz the strongest trap's unmasked - Felix the rap gladiator!

[Verse 6: Fred Jones (Seth W.)]
I think it'd be more of a fair fight if I brought in my series mascot
But it doesn't matter; I'll neck a neko with my ascot
So new mystery: why are you so gay? A compelling dilemma
Stick to third wheeling, Ferris! Sit in the corner with Velma!
The greatest trap master is finna leave blue prints on ya!
So take it like a man and make yo silly cat tics gone, nyaaaa!
Oh god, furry infection! Whack it off 'fore it unfurls!
And yes, I would not beat up a girl, so good thing you're not a girl!
[Intermission Fred Jones (Seth W.) & Pico (SkeepTieel)]
Oh fuck
Oh my god
Im back!

[Verse 7: Pico (SkeepTieel)]
For another round! My stamina lies in bed and rap!
So figuratively hop off my dick! I won't be taking craaaaap
From a cocky jock boy toy to his basic bitch, Daphne
So here's a different type of gangbang when my trio caps knees!
Don't Tsuretest me! You'll get beat through Pico's song!
You're not reliable to upload music files like Picosong!
Hop in Astolfo's Volvo I'll drop cream in your van
With the climax of my verse, Look ma, no hands!

[Verse 8: Fred Jones (Seth W.)]
This is a sausage fest, yo- where are the top tier babes?
The real mystery is how you haven't caught some severe aids!
And I'm adopted but you face some really bad parental issues
Did I strike a nerve? No? For what else will I need tissues?
Out of the closet. You know monsters come out at night
Coco's like Nosferatu who's been flickering the lights?
I am Fredrick Herman Jones you're a red dicked hermit alone
In a world with no real people ask your friend to hold the phone!

[Outro: Fred Jones (Seth W.)]
Actually, no, I'm done with this gay shit. Goodbye