Diamond D
Brothers, brothers we all in pain
The man of God, he got his bible but he's in pain
The muslim, he got his Quoran... he's in pain

[Verse 1:A.G.]
I was born in the middle of the darkness
Where the hopeless turned heartless
So i wrote this, consider this God's gift
A shining light, overcome the hardships
Lucky for the chance to do my dance
Big L in amsterdam, fell in love in France
Lovers in Japan, catch me if you can
A world tour with Diamond my man
See me on the ????, spread hope to every man
Related to the struggle, it's a jungle
Sometimes it make me wonder about the violence and the hunger
So I speak about the blunders, try to teach the younger
Dancing in the rain, motivated by the thunder
I'm designed to hear tear drops and repeat it when the snares chopped

[Man preaching:]
All of us are in pain and do you know brother
When you're in pain, your brain release hormones that actually can deaden pain

[Verse 2:Chino XL]
I'm feeling sentimental over this monumental instrumental
Hoping that I don't offend you with my murder menu
I'm spitting afflicted non-fiction in the venue
Any likeness to person living or dead or coincidental
You ain't gotta be a higher scholared Psychologist
To realize they've replaced good journalists with gossip columnist
[????, wearing their pants Androgynous](?)
I stay high surrounded by more greenery than botanists
I ain't after fame, tell a friend to tell a friend
I'm after words like the end of the end
They try to stop me every way that they can
But lyric fans try to tell em Chino's pen when did it kill again
For years, hated myself, duct taped my mouth
It's weird, cried so much, my tear ducts dried out
Aristotle be startled to find out which part of my heart is gone
So many sacrificed a lot so we can ride on this art form
[Man preaching:]
But as long as you as a man lay down it
And dream of your greatness but you are never able to manifest how great you are

[Verse 3:Chino XL]
Hip-Hop saved my life from a childhood that was violent
Chianardo DiCaprio escaping out of Shutter Island
My right that Poseidon that landed me in the insane asylum
Deciding what I should rhyme about it or to keep it private
Sometimes I find it hard to breath like Colorado's climate
Mind so fluid that it could rival Breals hydroponic
Lyric Jesus sick of the violent vomit
If I am a Wordsmith on the front line while ya'll just stand behind it
We ???? compared to churches' conscious controversies
My words clutch your heart like when white racist women clutching their purses
When I retire will rap forget me, kinda like a 60's hippie
Or beg me to come back like Prince and darling, Nicky
We never seen A.G and Finesse freestyle
Wishing that could be me up there but I was just a juvenile
In time I'd become what I'd die for
Even the pope can give up his religion but I can't let hip hop go

[Man preaching:]
The pain being non productive makes you seek pleasure which keeps you non-productive
Look at it, look at it brothers... each one of you is in pain
We in pain brother, we live with constant pain
Nobody knows our pain but God and us
And you know deep down inside you
Are as great as any man of greatness that you've heard about
Read about or seen in real life
You know you are as great as any one on them... possibly greater