Diamond D
Diamond D East Coast Mix
[Chorus: Chuck D & Jean Grae 2X]
Somebody scream bloody murder, inside of my head
The exuctioner's plot controlled by the feds
Take illegal action, they want Mumia dead
This nation of savages been trying to kill us for years

[Tragedy Khadafi]
Yo, federal indictment, militant mind enlightment
Son, we outburst, in the court room, full of excitement
Face the jury, thugged out, with blind fury
They want us all under the jam, end of the story
Brave and heartless, we can have a million marches
But when you black you under attack, son regardless
Live by the gun, dunn, and die by the gun
And revolutionize minds until freedom's won

[Black Thought]
Check it out, they want us knocked locked down boxed up in the ground
It's war time now from how the sufferin sound
We deep in the realm, the planet petrified overwhelmed
We all stars livin life out on surveilance film
New World law enforced, mind rape, cerebral holocaust
No escape, fire for burn the execution date shatter
We on the front lines prepared
I want Mumia out the cage the time for action is here
[Pharaohe Monch]
They attempted assassination of Mumia Jamal they set em up
I come to find out, 2Pac they wet 'im up
Pharaohe, standin behind my fucking curtains with a double-barrel rehearsin
Ready for war now for certain
Uh, biological warfare suits
Black gas masks, black boots, half-assed n***as become troops
My tons of global warriors is booty now
Plenty thug n***as is fruity now

[Chorus: 2X]

[Chuck D]
As you peep the illusion cuz I see my peoples losin
The overall battle to keep republicrats from choosin
Afterall, I feel the bruisin of the constitution
When my back's against the wall, manifestin in their destiny
Shit they just testin me, Mumia's spirit blessin me
No alibi, I know Allah is not their ally
I believe I can fly, but their type of freedom is a lie
So fuck the government, C.I.A. and F.B.I

[Last Emperor]
Shatan will destroy anything for the right price
In a physical world one man cannot die twice
To the spiritual world your soul cannot fly twice
Yet could this be the second time they crucify Christ?
Ask Ed Asner, the actor, after they execute him
There will be a peasant uprising like the French Revolution
In conclusion, if you detect evil
Free the voice of the voiceless, defender of oppressed people
[M-1 - Dead Prez]
I say, "fuck the police," cause they been killin us for years
This ain't no free country, n***as get murdered for their ideas
Free Mumia means all Africans let go
Cause just livin in the ghetto puts you on death row
You don't know? You seen how the tried to do Assata
Till some real n***as organized theyselves and went and got'er
Lotta crackers verbalize if Mumia dies, fire in the skies
But only time'll tell the truth from the lies

[Chorus: 3X]