Diamond D
Ace of Diamonds
[Verse 1: Masta Ace]
Y'all rap careers all headed south like Route 1 to 9
You're an artist but you only got one design
That's a name you can underline
It's dark underground but I don't wait for the sun to shine
Every rapper on their summer grind
Some are deaf, some are dumb and some are blind
I'm in the first category
Cause I can't hear y'all n***as, tell your label I'm the one to sign
I'm the one they should run and find
Who can do what I do? Not that many come to mind
When it come to rhyme, I'm like Dr. Seuss
Not a crip but got some shit that can stop a truce
Prosecutor and I got the proof
Rappers say they got a lot of money but that's not the truth
When I spit you can lock the booth
And throw away the key, what you see here will shock the youth
Cause any rapper in my age range
Must've failed and looking to get a grade change
But I crush that theory
When you look and you hear me, you know what you see is way strange
Lotta n***as off their A games
I diss 'em all but I ain't sayin names (But...)
But if I'm forced and I have to
You know that I will, better chill before I come at you
[Scratch Hook]
"Listen closely"
"I am the man in charge"
"Diamond in the back"
"You know the ammo"
"No biting allowed"

[Verse 2: Diamond]
Yeah, we go together like sweater and hat
With Diamond on the track what could be better than that?
The beat contester with just an incredible nat
Cookin up a main cause with this eateble rap
The game of life is like a knife, dead in the back
Watch how you walk or get caught with your leg in the trash
The first step is they gon' ask what colors you rep
The red, white and the blue or the green, red and the black?
They always try to make us pick up a side
I refuse to be one of them dudes they kick aside
I am still a great force to be reckoned with
Diggin in the Crates, that's who I'm reppin' with
Yup, y'all ain't used to this sort of skills
We've been nice since British Walkers and Quaterfields
And y'all can have all them singin' thugs
The Ace and Diamond are still greater than the king of clubs
[Scratch Hook]
"Listen closely"
"I am the man in charge"
"Diamond in the back"
"You know the ammo"
"No biting allowed"
"You wanna get this"
"You wanna get this"