Re-Up Gang
You’ll See
[Verse 1: Pusha T]
We take life how it comes
Sorta like the card game pluck
To you Tonk never run
See nine five here bag o's to the crumbs
And look at us now
We paddle shifting with our thumbs
Laughing how dreams ain't dreams no more
Used to dream of Ki's to the triple beam will soar
Mirages now manages with mink on floors
The more you upgrade it numbs you
It means no more
It's the R-E -U-P Gang
Every night we sleep tight
The king coil mattress full of caine
First the merger then Jive tried to jerk us
And still hit Jacob for double my first purchase
200 thou so easily emerges
Should've been fined for fucking the earth's surface
Look at your ice ask yourself what's the purpose
You n***as belong in a circus

[Verse: 2 Sandman]
I tell these beautiful bitches give me space like an astronaut
Never mind what I drive
Look pass the yacht
Never mind all the rocks look past the watch
Never mind what it cost
Cause it's cash I got
Own land plenty hills still abandon spots
Sippin henny in the Bentley playing crash and cop
By the dollar daddy up my stash is stocked
Got him gaspin' steady asking when the mashing stop
On my chest instrumentals over
On boxed up being drove by chauffeurs
Otherwise I'm in the middle
With two bitches while they laugh and giggle
Tweaking repeating my piece looking like a bag of Skittles No riddles straight no chaser wait
Rub you out Glock rubber grip
Erase your fate
Y'all future wake
That'll suit your cake
Like my birthdays everyday
[Verse 3: Ab-Liva]
Liva The Hustler still in my glory and
Cocaine pushing doors up on Delorean
? How it lures me in showered fiend it pulled me in
Not e but I touch ki like accordion
Touch sleeve what do you lift
You know it'll spin
It a just back and forth single con floss
I was forced to blow my arm out the cost of a Porsche
Blew my arm out
Like Unitas I'm the tightest begging your pardon
The sire I'm you highness the heir apparent the throne
Neck get shown on display
Then you connect the dots with the stones
The Black Cards we on a upper echelon
Something green like leprechaun
Like the stripe next to the red
Black Gucci sport low cuts soft bottoms that the mesh is on

[Verse:4 Pharrell]
Never considered what all this money'll do to me
Got white people staring at my jewelry
The way that I see it me and Nigo
Is the generals you n***as rocking
Minerals while we rocking emeralds
And sapphires
Cause we in a class higher
Soon as you leave
Jacob call you trash buyer
Instead of just sitting admitted that you should listen
Fucker pay attention to what the fuck you getting
Yeah you got a diamond necklace
But what's the buying worth
Look to me like somebody just been buying dirt
Shit talking with no gun a Wylin jerk
Now you dying both dying broke and dying hurt
My security armed with the iron shirt
We in Miami me and girl in Hawaiian shirts
The Enzo? Black as a n***a from Niger
Rev the rpms and it sound like a tiger
On and on and on on and on
When the doors open up it looks like Votron