Re-Up Gang
Previously On We Got It 4 Cheap
[Tags: Clinton Sparks]
Get familiar!

[Spoken: Pusha-T]
Previously, on We Got It 4 Cheap, Volume 1…

[Excerpt: Malice]
Never mind the hiatus, and dispel the myths
I can’t hide from it, you can smell the wrist

[Excerpt: Pusha-T]
Cars with chauffeurs, sockless loafers
Snap my finger, n***a, buenas noches—we the Black Cards
Bar none, put whoever on us!
My jewels is a like a fluke to you bitches, I’m the snake charmer

[Excerpt: Sandman]
Ye-awhhh, can-nonnnn!
You motherfuckers is dummies, this money is what it’s about (‘Bout)
N***as is hungry and hurting and lurking about (‘Bout)
Ears to the streets, eager to see what’s in your house (House)
If you’re like me, you waiting on ‘em—BOW!

[Excerpt: Ab-Liva]
And this is for my young brother locked in the prison
They caging your body, your mind free, God has forgiven
The odds that were given—by no means—drive a decision
This life that we’re given, we ride ’til victory’s risen
[Tags: Clinton Sparks]

[Excerpt: Pusha-T]
Liva, Sandman, the Clipse make it four
You know who to come to to score–check it!
Re-Up Gang, what real n***as wanna hear
Add us up, dumb fuck: the sum of all your fears!

[Spoken: Pusha-T]
And now: Volume 2