Re-Up Gang
Show You How to Hustle
[Hook: Pusha T]
How you think I got it? The Benz, the hoes
The home, I stand on my own n***a, come on
How you think I got it? The watch, the chains
The Range, the fucking street fame

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Bitch I sell caine, rotate them chickens like a weather vane
The wind blow, it come and go, I'm hurricane
Listen again, I hurry caine, don't make me
Got to Miami and bury Wayne, now check it
I'm the same n***a, make a G off a key
You think it's small change? They never send less than 50
Now I'm factoring that they're gone by day three
So tell me what an 80-gram verse mean to me
Keep inflating your numbers, I somersault, rap wonder
Bread if I'm over your head, n***a, better than
Them halos and angels, my money flows through a triangle
The holder of the keys watch the price dangle

[Verse 2: Ab-Liva]
Powder in the rubble, I'll show you how to hustle
Rip that heart into a million pieces like a puzzle
I'm Mario Puzo, Godfather
Puppet string pull on them prices, quarter-backs, color huddle
It's never record, no, it's no rebuttal
That snow removal, no need for a shovel
When going got tough and the pressures got doubled
I shuddered and worked sitting clean in the recent
B-entley but how it preempts me
To go soft or hard-top, the sun te-mpts me
I adhere to my calling, Katrina with the cook
I flood the city like New Orleans, I'm too heavy so the levies break
Sitting on my money I'm stacking, I start to levitate
David Blaine, see through the top, I'm in the better space
Better place, hare and the tortoise, I'm at a better pace
Olympian, ran over n***as, we run a better race

[Verse 3: Sandman]
They wanna put me in a Porsche, little-ass box
Fuck you n***a, I'm as large as an ox
Seat back, head ball, keep that ghetto
Motherfucking balls when I bounce down the block (Fat Daddy)
[?]in my stroom, my pockets all swole
Get out a pocket, I'm a poppet, let the rockets explode
Booyah, had to do ya, remove ya, the ruga
Fuck em n***as' lies, nightmares like Fred Krueger
Abrasive talk, get you chasers stalked
[?] bark you trace the chalk, carry 'em off
Ks is soft, turn the bundles of hard rock
It's an all-stap I found treat em right like [?]
So what I do? 14 off a bean
Interstate 80 inches minus the triple beam
It's a fiend what my soldiers sold em, boulders
Bigger than your shoulders (Re-Up motherfucker!)


[Verse 4: Malice]
If all I talk about is coke, let that tell you something
A fiend for them keys I'm-a cutting
Fuck being broke with dreams full of nothing
My n***as cope and slave over ovens
Welcome to the big league, bitches leading husbands
Fucking with these rich boys, who am I to judge?
On the price, I won't budge
Just double up on birds like Noah and the flood
That's the sort of topic no one is above
And you ain't saying nothing if you're burning the glove
I spread love like a mercenary
Get it shipped untouched, that Virgin Mary
In the art of culinary
We'll pass with flying colors, my n***as is honorary
And my drive is monetary
The jewels around my neck got us like Ben and Jerry