Re-Up Gang
Fuck You
[Verse 1: Pusha T]
They say blood thicker than water
I go hard as mortar for my n***as
Squeeze triggers, drop figures on bail with no hesitation
When you get home the fish scale is here waitin'
We get it back with patience
Been a team player since rec ball
Don't let a disagreement turn you forgetful
I recruited the best in Norkfolk when the heat was on
Where I lay the task force, play the peeping tom
So I can't party with, every Tom and Dick
Showin' they mans that they know you on some 9-0 shit
Yeah they worship you
But I think the talk is hurting us
The movin and groovin
Don't seem to be working much
Fuck them local n***as they ain't got nothing to do with us
One hand wash the other you've been my crutch, I've been your crutch
Ain't shit changed , we've been together from the door
Let's turn '08 into '02's encore

[Verse 2: Sandman]
I look at n***as like, they must have led their lives
Think you sugar sweet, that's how you D-I-E
Sandman Cannon and we play for keeps
Blast my cannon seven days a week
My frame of mind is street, thinking I gots to eat
As long as I got heat, I make you obsolete
Now understand I can't let you get ahead of me
And for the bread you will always be in jeopardy
I got telepathy, I read you n***as thoughts
Before you thinkin' smart, I turn you to a corpse
Run up in your fort, n***a take me to the vault
Come up a raid or your life will reach a screeching halt
I don't believe in talk, I let them weapons speak
Put that to your brain, you think about that pain
Permanent shake like bad smack in your vein
That's how Re-up do, so pussy fuck you
You mad hate to see a n***a make then fuck you
Your man hold the pistol but he's shaky fuck you
You never coke flipped and sold an eighth then fuck you
And only my man blood sacred cocksucker fuck you

[Verse 3: Ab-Liva]
Speakin from my heart n***a throw it like a dart
For my hustlers in top tier to those in Carhartts
The world is a stage if every player play his part
It will spin on it's axis, I'd just rifle off thoughts
Rifle off the top shelf never been caught
Since 16, pitching, swimming with the sharks
Fast like Sam Judah or barracudas an art
Cutting through the projects running from the narcs
Put in my work and corrected my faults
N***a drew my line, n***a made my mark
Made my bones n***a never I barked
I four pound chrome n***as brave my heart
Bared my soul never scared cuz I feared I'd owed for the wrong I had done
Decisions I have made weighs heavy
The tears I have held would break levies
Grenade pin deadly with the medley
Conjure in the kitchen n***a cracker like Betty
Whip it to the oils n***a stir it till it's ready
These n***as ain't fucking with these four men
Just pray you bring 'em motherfucker cuz we force hands fuck you
[Verse 4: Malice]
I already know how you feel, before the handshake
Heard you ain't signed a new deal is all you can say
Gone but not forgotten they love us now that's a fanbase
Fuck you motherfuckers in jail with your hand raised
And never will it stick like a band aid
I go down with the ship as the band played
You can never tell us this era is passe
To that I don't subscribe the world's in a sad state
And we just think we better than
We're Thoroughbreds from the Meadowlands
And got our hands on a triple crown
The triple beam leave your nose with a trickle down
I've been a fan since they tripled down
So fuck you when we buying acres
Or hopping planes anywhere they take us
The bonds tight you can never break us
Precisely what men are made of
Cause money means nothing to a money maker