Re-Up Gang
20K Money Making Brothers on the Corner
20k money making brothers on the corner

We sell it raw

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
It's the Re-Up Gang rollers, yeah you know us
Push Ton Key is back with the baking soda
Stretch the work in the pot, the powder practice yoga
They rap it over their heads
The flow is like the pole vault
Raisin' the bar, I'm Tiger below par
I'm a hidden dragon, I'm crouching tiger with that raw
From off beams to Gulfstreams, who fucking with my golf swings?
All you n***as is my offsprings
From yay tall I was MJG with that 8 ball
A living legend I play them keys with like Ray Charles
You can't copy the style, or even trace off
They want a Pusha T mardi gras mask like in Face/Off

[Verse 2: Ab-Liva]
This Re-Up Gang movement it's the album of the year
Yeah they still push powder, got talcum everywhere
My crooks, my hustles, my thugs, my peers
While I G4 flight and my eyes and my ears
New chains, new jewels, new custom, new year
See the jewels D&Gs LV's on the ?
On the jeans, on the sleeves of the shirts I wear
See that B-waist when across the hood I stare
See I cheer for the bad guys with joice?
And the hood it's black tears in my sad eyes
I cruise through time barf living the fast light the fast lane
Fifth year owe you a pass-by (I'm moving like)

[Verse 3: Sandman]
If you ever see me
Looking in the kitchen you would thing I was some Houdini
Get liquor from the rock, life's a bitch
It's looking like some sand in the pot
All that he see is Franklins while watching the tan drop?
? cord rock band, aqua man watch
Choose flawless in upertown ??
? quarter back to Dolphins
Pass off to my flippers while I'm flossin'
And aggravating agitatin' n***as
Connected to this swingin' ?
Chasin' my treasure
Is that enough good math like ? measure
I ? the world, double my songs
Triple the work, quadruple the guns
And I? sell ?

[Verse 4: malice]
I sidestep the bull like a matador
Blaze ? like my sons, yeah at it boy
And with you all of ya facades
Father so many styles I'm handin' out cigars
Yeah, any n***a got a prob?
Paint the town red, bullets comin' a barrage
Ghetto superstar like I'm Pras
Big chain around my neck like I'm fresh off the Amistad
I'm not a part of your coke rap genre
I put it in the pot it come back like karma
Nice with the flip ? since it's genesis
And we won't stop till you give us free like the Jena Six