Mickey Shiloh
[Intro: Mickey Shiloh]
We ain't got nothin' for these haters
But some postcards, ha, postcards
King Los

[Hook: Mickey Shiloh & Los]
(Tell them you'll need this)
We shittin' on the game, by the time they hear this
We be probably sittin' on a plane, waving by
(Tell them you'll need this)
See you, fuck up out my lane, that's the perfect time to exit
N***a fuck up out the game, like
(Tell them you'll need this)
Rings on, King shit, throne shit
Bow down I got rings on, I'm like
(Tell them we'll need this)
Go hard, we ain't, got nothin'
For bitch n***as but postcards
(postcards, postcards, postcards)
We ain't got nothin' for bitch n***as
But postcards (postcards)

[Verse 1: Los]
Ugh, in one week I see two, three jets
Zoned like a 2-3, Gucci sweats
I'm a trapper keeper keep that loose leaf fresh
That's packs of paper, stacks of acres
I mack, you ??? I'm rap's new savior
I should tattoo haters on my nuts cause that's where they be
Yeah they be, trynna follow me and be ahead of me
Seventy, severed Chevrolet and bumpin' Heavy D, steadily
I just get my mack on n***a, never back out
Never turn my back on n***as, I just black on n***as
Like lights out, iced out, if these n***as way beyond my motherfuckin' wipeout
N***as ain't trill, ain't built like this
This my real life bitch I pay bills like this
I just feel like I could make mills like shiiit
So I shit mills(meals) out while you feel like shit
Chill, you don't want none of this here
I summon this here, this my summer this year
And I'm stuntin' this year on a pj
How the fuck I make it out without a DJ, woah

[Verse 2: Los]
I'm somewhere under Palm Trees
With a blonde piece within arm's reach
Y'all n***as ain't blowin' that strong either
I had a little talk with a palm reader
Say money, money, money, money
Coins, coins, cash, scrilla
Drop, lamb, got, damn
Going, going, fast, n***a
Zoom, I'm somewhere on the moon lookin' down
You ??? stuck somewhere in the room lookin' round
Who cookin' now? Me (Ugh)
Who the fuck thought it could be ??? (You)
B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T-I-N-G, I can see
A lot of that comin' from your clique right now
So I'm writin' postcards in this bitch right now
Like ugh, next time you see me I'll probably be different
I told you n***as
You can run back and tell the whole fuckin' city when you saw me
I was lookin' like a whole new n***a

[Hook x2]