Mickey Shiloh
Jason & Freddy
[Verse 1: Mickey Shiloh]
I'm just tryna kick it with ya
We ain't gotta be official
I know you got other bitches
Oh but right now that ain't none of my business

I ain't gonna cook for you but I'll listen
And if you wanna wife me up, I'll do your dishes
And you know when it's time to fuck, I'ma be with it
But n***a I'm a crazy bitch when I start catching feelings

So be ready, be ready
'Cause I'ma drive you crazy
We gon' be like Jason & Freddy, Jason & Freddy
So crazy in love
We gon' wanna kill each other, kill each other
Kill each other, we gon' wanna kill each other

[Verse 2: Mickey Shiloh]
You gon' like it, even when we start fighting
'Cause then we'll just break up to make up
And you can fuck up my make-up
And put my face in the pillow, and kill 'em


[Verse 3: Chrishan]
Go on and drive you crazy, baby
Eat it all up if it's tasty
And I might make you come till you hate me
Put it all in your stomach till you're shaking
I'm just being real, Net (net) flix and chill
Got you in your feels
All my n***as waiting at the door
We breaking dishes
Telling me it's time to go
I'm tryna fuck a little more