Mickey Shiloh
Make it easy Produced By Bad Dreams featuring Mickey Shiloh

Verse 1: Some People got they Red dots! Blue dots! On they mailbox

#ATOM heat rocks! Book of enoch

I can see, clearly now like Johnny Nash.

Soon as the dollar crash. They gon Lock ya Ass!!

Its the truth they can't deny. Global Thermostat rap. Clean carbon from the sky.

Now if I die before i wake, I made oath with the creator to expose these snakes

Easily! You see #ATOM's the Hottest! And Prosper Lock it down, like its Posse comitatus

Blood in your eye, Scratch your cornea, Im warning ya, Brothers die and others try to get the formula!

Pulling Strings like Django Reinhardt, Rhyme Smart, so you know the flow is fine art!

Powerful poetry pick 'em apart!! Lyrics cold and greazy, Believe me I make it easy!!

Hook: You choose what you want to see. and you choose not to see me, But all I tend to do is make it easy for you baby!!

Bridge: Ayo!! Make it easy for em! Prosper spit the jewl but take it easy on em
But all I tend to do is make it easy for you baby!!

Monsanity Produced by Bad Dreams

1 percent got all the money and the world got famine

Troubles my heart. Clouds my understanding

It ain't hard to see. Race, class & inequality

The proletariat Follow me. Lets talk about Monsanity!!

Oppress us like this and like that! Build the jails, fill 'em with predominantly black.

Matter fact, the US economy is jacked. And they wonder why the pentagon anonymously hacked?

Wow!!!!! We can't take it no more...The meek and the sheep was misled to war. Know the math

Broken Glass everywhere. People riot in the streets you know they really don't care its Monsanity!!

Hook: Its Monsanity! All around the world is Monsanity! What you see? Monsanity

Corporate greed we don't need no Monsanity!

NSA spying? Monsanity! Politicians Lying. Monsanity! Starving children crying

Its Monsanity! its Monsanity!

Magic Seeds? (HR933) Produced by DJ Khalil

Corporate Villain's Prepare for the rap killing

Let the #ATOM hit 'em! Split 'em with the rhythm

They do what they wanna! And they can care less about you or your mama

Poison in the food in public school's your honor.

Call it big profits. Obese kids a rama! FDA approved

Supermarket snake charmer.

Spray they chemtrails. Bankrupt the farmer.

Raise the price on organics the customer is smarter. Protest! Protest! You can ponder

Now fuck they supreme court or your Dalai lama!!

You dont want no drama.They run with Obama. He signed they protection Act all somber!

When Mother Earth heal the wicked will feel karma. Tell the people they should heed. No GMO no Monsanta Seeds!!

Verse 2: It's like a jungle sometime's it makes you wonder! 60k starved to death yesterday just from hunger

Corruption of many men. Greed they relish in. Sucker Mc's you see they soft as they even been. Check the tap water, fluoride! Estrogen!

Kick down the doors off the hinges til they let us in. That 5th dimension medicine

Bright! Bright! than again, Kemet had light way before that con edison

Stakes is high' like the fructose corn syrup

Block 'em like genetic modified crops in Europe

Fruit roll up's? Hold up! Tell the people they should heed. No GMO! No Monsanta Seed's!!

Mr Pharmaceutical it's obvious. Greedy Politicians in bed with FDA lobbyist.

Regardless, Tell the people they should heed. Just No GMO! No Monsanta Seed's