Blaque Keyz
Witness Protection
[Verse 1: Travis Mendes]
Ayo, bitch, I'm spectacular
Tall black man with an advanced vernacular
Immaculate, slightly crazed over-analyst
Backpacking activist, I'm the new catalyst
To change your mind frames back up to what matters
It's a brand new chapter
I'm adding more paragraphs to this cast
Slack up and get embarrassed
I had it with you wack-ass n***as, I'm changing channels
And I dare a n***a to touch my remote
Might fuck around and start a revolt
Cause we know you can't keep lying to my people
We wreckin' shit wherever we go
I'm free yo, ice cold n***a—eskimo
Goddamn it, I'm the man—30 karats on the hands, homie
Motherfuck your next plans, homie

[Verse 2: Blaque Keyz]
Motherfuck your advance, homie
A motherfucker, I might be your stepdad, homie
I'm home alone with strep
Got sick vocals that flex on any n***a
I'm Bret, the hitman, homie
Heart colder than Owen when I be flowin'
Frozen like any arctic, I start shit like Bart Simps
I blew up here, something like Marge's
I barge in the booth like drill sergeants with troops
I am the proof like a vest made for bullets
When you pull it, just be careful when you shoot
Dex got the footage
My placement belongs inside a spaceship
I'm handin' out facelifts for those who need replacements
A makeshift bow staff for you old bags, I blow past so fast
Swingin' to get your dome smashed, I'm on that
I'm crusing the city holding my mojo
Looking over my shoulder with no GoPros
[Verse 3: Travis Mendes]
Ain't know the kid moved dolo
I'mma live forever through these bars, fuck YOLO
I'm a motherfucking superstar, what are y'all on?
We gon' be rich off this shit, word to Mylon
My mama always told me
"Keep calm, enjoy the calm in the morning"
Only reason I don't blast off you cats without warning
And I will not let you ignore me, it's all me
So I'mma keep blazing y'all with more heat
At least it balls up the morphine
Got a line around the corner give me more fiends
And I'mma father all you n***as, word to Maury
Man, I'm the future bitch, fuck who was before me
Goddamn it, I'm the man—30 karats on the hands, homie
Motherfuck your next plans, homie
And motherfuck your advance, homie

[Verse 4: Jon Bellion]
You know the industry's in trouble when you understand
That L.A. Reid is blowing fucking millions on some cover bands
You're all cover bands, all I hear is cover bands
Understand we know that all the compliments are underhand
I'm so Italian in the mattress, there's a hundred grand
I'm not a homosexual, but that is how you fuck the man
Second thoughts before you play me shit you made at camp
And Fruity Loop producers re-evaluate and cut your hands
Mike Krzyzewski, O's and X's, baby, run the plan
The bullies in the lunchroom stole the bread, flung the ham
Knives can break, guns can jam
And death will come for every man
But all I need's my Bible and some melatonin, understand
All we see is happy days, Richie Cunningham
Beautiful Mind drives the people, we do trucks and vans
Good Will's gone hunting, motherfucker
Where you been, Affleck?
We're just seein' if you ducks can dance
I am the black sheep, I'm half 'sleep
You athletes couldn't walk in a track meet
No racism cause you all could take a backseat
Your past seats are ass cheeks
My class meets the stampedes of Nissans and Camrys
My family's a bunch of superheroes, Stan Lee
Damn it, I'm the man—30 karats in the hand
Motherfuck your advance, homie
Twice, motherfuck your advance, homie
[Outro: Travis Mendes]
Motherfuck your advance, homie