Blaque Keyz
Smooth Movin’
[Verse 1: Blaque Keyz]
This is the S.S. Blaque Keyz
Smooth movin' over black seas and cruisin'
I think you should lose that new loser
He's about as smooth as braille
And I can tell the producers in your future
Silly me, I like you like a simile
But you're more into metaphors
I met her for the same reasons as Steven
Except these Urkels tend to urk you
And leave you with the reasons
To leave him behind
I'm bleeding my mind on these lines
Kinda broke
All I need is a dime like you
The reason I switch my whole game up
But lady this marriage is to switch your whole name up

[Verse 2: Jon Bellion]
First glance I'm a gamble
Skinny dude, doesn't ramble
Hot flame, no candle
Crack the can open, Campbell's
Got ample mans in the van dude
So the ex-boyfriend really doesn't scare you
But I'm here to make it clear to you
I'm a loss of a color that's down for the rubber
Cause a baby does mean I'm in deep doo
Dude, get a clue
I'm surrounded by twos, being one's kinda fun
So I might keep writin' and vibin'
I'm nice with the niceness
Love from above, so timeless
Ahh yes
[Verse 3: Blaque Keyz]
Fresh to death I am
I be awake at a wake
I'm coolest cool
As in a cooler for boozers
This buds wiser than you
I be yelling at the birds
"I'm flyer than you"
Part time pilot
I'm a riot with these words
Adjectives and verbs on a strike
I pass nights with the music
I'm just a bear overbearing
These rappers I'm abusin'
I find these actors amusin'
I'm a backpacker stuck in a movement
Full of losers
And I'm rebellin'
With Jon Bellion
It's Blaque Keyz
Coming through on the cruise
We smooth sailin'

[Verse 4: Jon Bellion]
I got a buttery stutter
In other words I'm fluently smooth
Old soul but I'm cool with the new
Low pro and I'm through with the dudes
They got a low score flow
But they think they the shoe-in
For the win, but they stupid in fact
They got a lukewarm swag
Up on every track
Flow's delicious
Sweet but vicious
J can't rap
Watchu talkin' bout Willis?
Oops, Blaque reference
Hold tongue back
Top on fresh list
Cardiac arrest with the best
Or at least they claim to be
Till they turn on the track
With J and Blaque Keyz
Hey ho oh oh oh