Blaque Keyz
Beautifully Human
[Jon Bellion:]
Said oohhhh
Your imperfections make you flawless, flawless
Which is why you're

Beautifully human
Beautifully human
Beautifully human

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Blaque Keyz:]
From your thin waves, brown eyes and long hair
Notice wherever you go getting those long stares

I'm there for you
I hope you know I earned a stay cause freckles on your nose make it impossible to turn away

Out of the norm of prolonged your exemption you're nearest to your heart, you never listen to suggestions
It's no question you were sculpted to perfection, molded into a blessing, you're

Beautifully human

I'm not a pilot that flies but every time that I'm with you I feel like head in the skies
You can abduct and take me anywhere a duck could take me anywhere
I wouldn't care cause you're
Beautifully human

And you're mature as (?)
And your assurance for reassurance
I'll surely be, be your security for all your insecurities
As immature you think that you are, you're more mature than me

Underscoped and carved and into your heart but you arteries have been hardened
Pardon me if I'm off but this art that we call love should be soft as a yard garter
Got a taste for your charm and it's hard enough that I'm starving
Hiding all of your scars for not a person to see
But just the fact that you're not perfect makes you perfect for me
So what is beautiful? I choose the view of you as my example, a sample of what is

Beautifully Human

Your heart comes with a price like its on retail
And that's exactly the reason they call you fe-males, huh
And I just hope I can afford you. Not only are you gorgeous, you're

Beautifully Human

No competition and a league of your own
And I'm the King. All I'm missing is my Queen and my throne and you seem to fit the description
I'm looking at the past behind me and at the same time seeing what I've been missing
(Transition to poem)

I take the time to rewind my mind's rolodex. Searching to find the traits inside that match with what lies in you. No hide and seek, but I am trying to find you. And I'll climb to, any mountain top to discover what's inside you
My beautiful human, putting on a show with no Truman or a gent to carry your performance. Torment and low self esteem lay dormant within a being that shines, but she is yet to be seen
So I use metaphors and rhyme schemes to better your perception of how you see yourself; be yourself. Don't let descriptive lines of casted actresses and hollow souled models define the clarity of what is so called perfection
Make no exception that what you're seeing is not real; inception
Authenticity is something that cannot be learned, bought or implanted. So stand back and let them hate on what you're doing. Cause to them, you're a flaw filled girl but to me, you're beautifully human