Blaque Keyz
Boom Clap
They think I’m crazy
But they don’t know the half of it
Actually rap happens to be the attribute of my happiness
Classiness is my attitude but I’m using half my head
I’m on that same stuff that Cassy is
Follow me if you catchin this
The status of a bad boy
I’m a W if you are less
Im’ on deck to iron out
The slackers til they hard pressed
I’m on set and off the wall
You beatin doors far fetched
I’m gaurdin ask the god so as to God if you can par next
My purpose on earth is God sent
Determined to verbally hurt any mercenary in various quadrants
My brain is like a hydrant
To fire fighter Chilled like a lighter
And im equipped with pyrotechnics
So wreckage I’m spittin fire
So call my spyro
Dragon pause at a hydrant pirates fighting the craken
Rappin like dinosaurs I’m t-rexing this track and
And mentally spazzing
Should be hugging myself in a jacket
But im not so lets while I’m here let’s get this party cracking
I’m hard school swimmin’ in a pool with dudes and shark food
Turn in to superman You say I can't like that that Clark dude
Lyrics Sharp as a harpoon hittin targets of different artists
So when I’m starving got something to prey on that’s harmless
But regardless, I’m lovin this rap and the fact that im actually better than half of these whack artists
I’m on the mic spittin pollen that attracts bees
I hustle at night on top of the white- I’m Blaque Keyz

I’m out to track stars like a loakin
Who’s holding a smoking gun that came out of an open holster
Exposing it to the sun
Screamin' I’m hotter than you
And I’m full like a rowing boat off the coast of an open ocean
You’re comatose when I’m boastin
But come lets have a toast to all the whackness on the radio
Then they’ll come to their senses and decide one day to play me yo
I hope you can accept just what I’m setting out to be
And really no amount of young money can amount to me
I’m done procrastinatin’
I’m tired of this waitin’
I’m steady tryna be like J-Cole and Rock Nations
Huh so take that
I’m more quale than wale
I’m never selling out to him I”m music in a maybach
Who else you know would say that
Doesn’t matter cause I will
And yall skills ain't nothin’ tall cause I rhyme ill
I’m laid back, but with this pen I am insane and I
Won't stop until my lyrics are written on your brain