Pac Div
Boyz N The Hood
Ayy, you got five?
You wanna go in there and get some Swishers?
You al-, n***a you already older than fifteen

[Verse 1: Fashawn]
I was in love with the block, call it a Avenue Jones
Through the village we just happened to roam
Knuckleheads, bad to the bone
And every single snotnose had an addict at home
I drunk vodka and juice with the fatherless youth
Every day between the hours of two, we ate tacos at Hoot
Every now and then, somebody would shoot
They hit that youngin with a stray while he was tying his shoe
Let if off then they hopped in the coupe
And nobody said a word 'bout the body on the curb
Hit the homie Flacko, that's the vato with the herb
I mean papi cool but his posse full of herbs
Got our chronic from the 'burbs
Around the same time, I was tryna learn
How to pick a lock with a hanger, load shots in the chamber
Get low from the cops and the neighbors
Boys in the hood

[Verse 2: Like]
Born and raised in Killa Cali, dreaming one day the city's ours
Young n***as hopping fences, licking chili powder
Eddie Bauers and doctors pa**ed, Stockton to Ladera Heights
Young kids wearing Nikes, sharing bikes
Tearing mics up, kept a nice cut and the fades
Never affiliated but my n***as bang, getting paid
Shouts to my grandma, still in the Js
Coco Ave., .4-4 mag
Tucked away when the po-pos pa**
Walked to the stove but don't step on the old folk gra**
A 80s baby like Thrifty's and Pick 'N Save
Wear the wrong colors, might as well dig your grave
Ditch your school to throw hands, stick and move
Bagging chicks at Fox Hills like sh*t was cool
Different dudes, go by a set of different rules
We obviously ain't got sh*t to lose, boys in the hood
Ayy, ayy
You got your homegirls with you?
Okay, ayy
Just meet us on Fairfax, meet us on Fairfax

[Verse 3: Blu]
I got the old three sitting on my neck for my set
Big B sitting on my chest for the best
Headed to the East, raised in the West
In them streets, I think you need a cage and a vest
Ducking strays on my way to church, on my way to work
Blazed trying to lace a verse, so I can pay the first
Blu be copping chains, shopping days 'til my pockets hurt
Rob a purse if she see me in a soggy shirt
But on the turf, n***as flipping work, chickens chirp
On a flirt, nonsense, no smirk
J*rkface, tell the j*rk, burgers and a shank
If she think she worth what she work, she need a break
P*ssing off the city with a silly cigarette
On my BMX with my Rollie on and my Holy text
Telling Moses "You can lead us through the sea
But you can't keep seas out the streets"
Boys in the hood

[Verse 4: BeYoung]
After school, n***as eating Cheetos by the tetherball
Tony Starks had me fiending for them leather Clarks
501s, I'm starched, creased up
N***as going chesting, we watched Darkwing Duck
Bad n***as rocking duck tails, thermos with the lunch pail
Taking trips to Catalina, n***as swear we upscale
Puff Ls, Olde E cans of Mickey
Real Venice 'fore they turned that sh*t to Abbot Kinney
That past is in me, skating through that 818
Homies out the pen like Ray Lewis gaining weight
It ain't for play, thought you know them boys been banging
The whole hood shook just off of Northridge quaking
Tadow, n***a, domino, my uncle bumped The Commodores
Humping on the sub and just be done before they mama home
Reminiscing with these poisonous goods
Doughboy get that dope, boy, boys in the hood, huh
[Outro: Da1]
Lost in a promised land, milk and honies
A field of dreams, this the city of angles
Set your neck on the line, that sh*t'll get strangled
What you expect? Rep besides connected
The cul-de-sac council, Starter jackets and Sauconys
The sauce in me and a sordid past
Fresh from court, no boarding pa**
Fourth and orange velour lab, pour more with a taller gla**
Monetary support towards some college cla**
A wealth of knowledge, hustle mania
Game became placed to make with power
Sitting on the stoop like a subst**ute, solid
Chopping it with the barbers, displacing transplanted
Sipping a chalice in childish comfort
The colors got colored improper
Shuffling shuckers, cool suckers, cards for audit
A pharaoh's pharaoh, auctions
A primordial microcosm