Bars 1
Yes I’m back again
Goodness gracious
Wanna be celebrated
Put my name next to greatness

You're speaking my language
Bitch im in anguish
Wanna be famous
Don't wanna hear hatred
Want you to save it
Want you to trade it
I know that its basic
Want you to face it

I'll put you into cryogenic stasis
So your faces stay sticking that way
Like you got braces
Only taking a couple times to say this
I don't have the mind to name this
So you can call it by the brand name:

Bars I

Never was a witty one when it came to words
But im rhyming anyway so it's absurd
Expending my breath
Explaining myself till everyone’s heard
Till everyone’s listened to my petty poem
Perfectly preposterous
Bombarding my personal bubble
Popping it

Piles of papers
With plenty of raps
No cap i see
Cause capacity
Is false, a fallacy
All my fine fellows see me gasping desperately
Cause they know it hurts me to breathe

Take my hands through the bars
And start to sieve
Through different rhymes
Picking out the better ones i see
No chance I spit fire, it's a guarantee

Make no mistake
Don't wanna partake
In anything fake
But im behind enemy lines
Warming up to me, treating me nice
No matter if my lives at stake
Cause im harry potter
I can speak to snakes

Perfect parseltongue
Fucks around just for fun
You're a word wizard kyler
No im not
I'm just about done
No need to rehearse
Putting these
Really,Ridiculously, rotten, rugged, rappers, in the back of a hearse

Giving em rigor mortis
Waving my wand
Concocting a curse
Becoming wonderfully wealthy
My bars are turning golden
Like i got the midas touch
Don't go asking questions
Like i give the slightest fuck

But i only rap about the funny stuff
Making ya laugh
When it is tough
When it gets rough
That is enough

Enough of that
Stupidly whack
Chit chat
On how you're doing this
And how you're doing that
But in the end you still fall flat
You don't finely fit the format
And its really shit
Matter of fact

When i write it's effortless
But my essays get an f or less
Waiting on prerequisite
Im especially eloquent
When i'm in my element
So i'm celibate
I can write some excellence
Like i'm scribing
The entire book of genesis
And taking it all the way to exodus

This is only the beginning
But the bars are brimming
Now you're swimming
Shoulder deep in syllables
Seeping in your ears when your sleeping
Keeping out all your feelings
Tearing at the mind, get to pealing
Reeling in the fact that people peeking in
And they're kneeling in
What they Should've been
Enormous house with a white picket fence

But until then
I'll keep bars in my head
Like a prison for the rhymes
I wanna save for another time instead

Bars 1