Monster’s Ball
Death before dishonor, never betray for dollars
Stash for rainy days, keep away from cowards
Son, we takin' ours, nobody givin' us a damn thing
I ain't the type to livin' out my man name
Any nemesis of mine, I have 'em
Missin' they lives, reminiscin' in hell
Fell victim to my nine, n***as persecute me
My enemies thirst to shoot me, but fear retalition
From burst them uzis, even my birth confuse me
On this earth waitin' patiently, catch and see the dirt
My seed replacin' me, you're my mental absorb
Residential drug wars, hand to hand sales and thugs mourn
Crush raw, flip before the D's rush my door
It's real when I tell it, cuz it's comin' from a felon
The only two words that ever move me, would set it
Huh? N***as know, Mega's so poetic

I'mma do and die til I'm six feet dead in a box
Until my bent, cuz n***as wet it with shots
But it ain't gonna happen, I was known for strappin'
Switchin' up guns, and bang, your fifth, abort the block
This thing, it strip, flooded the block, so it really ain't a
Problem, for that cannon to pop
One word will get you, and your mans and them shot
I hang with straight up killers, n***a
No birds, just murder you, thugs
That body dudes for, money and drugs
One click, no bitch, nothin' funny with us
Act up and get bust, fuck around if you want
Play tough or get slugged, put underground if you front
That skinny n***a, benchin'' drugs, sniffin' weight of the scales
Been brolic since I was young, pushin' weight by 12
At 16, I started buggin', pickin' off dudes
Caught bodies in the lobby, splittin' up crews
I'mma murder you or get killed, trynna do it
Have my bummies stab ya monkey ass up, wanna move me
You stupid, if you think that, Lake will just eat that
I have you hit, pickin' your seed, now beat that
D's ask for allibies, I'm gettin' pies
From Mexican's in the tropics, walkin' pelican fly, I
Talk the talk, cuz I'm walkin' the walk
If the streets was yours n***a, I'd chalk your corpse
Cuz I debo like Nino Brown, rico clowns
Gon' have to gummy down, John Dillinger style, cuz I'll
Clap the mag', while they throwin' the gas in
Like Fred Hampton, to protect my family
They trap me in the world, where they only respectin'
Violence and only way out is lethal injection
Westin', lord is this, dog eat dog
So I lock John Maul, everytime that I'm brought

Yo, half of these n***as they front like they pop heaters, kid
Think it's a movie, and get beat, like Jesus did
I leave that kid, with one hand, swing that cig
I'm givin' man that shot boy, if he that big
See if he really want it, you can holla, dog
It's only two things I fear, the feds and my baby moms
It's on, how can that boy take the stand and lie
'Dict just blew, not knowin' when I'mma see my guy
I'm so confused, it's clear, when you my eyes
It's me and my crew til the end, we gon' ride
We nothin' alike, you never been a hustler holmes
Then what you know about runnin' up in hustler homes
I clutch the chrome, send shots out in dispurse
Think you street, I leave your whole head, on top of the dirt
It's Maino, man, Brooklyn boy, Nostrand and Gates
Real recognize real, I'm with Cormega and Lake
I wanna see how tough you is, when we face to face
The only reason you still breathin', n***a, it's fate, uh..