Let ’Em Hang
[Intro: Nas]
Uh, yeah, it's like that
They wanna know how n***a do it, youknowwhatimsaying?
I had a n***a come up to me and ask me and shit
Why I ain't got that, youknowhatimsaying?
Fuck n***a get on your job, n***a let your nuts hang beeitch
Check it out though

[Hook: V-12]
These well, theeeeeese
41st side Lake Entertainment
Oh yeah, if you come to QB you gonna get...

Yo, foes decompose in their coffins, hoes creeping with bosses
No sleeping my fortress break day thinking of losses
Taxes and IRS government gangstas
But I'm a scientist in love with big president faces
My residence changes from ghetto to acres
Avoiding jealousy snake shit
Can't afford another felony lake bent, driving them Porsche
N***as saying Nas came through with a flying saucer
With some strange shoes on the tiring flossing
So now they now wanna off 'em, killing stick 'em and cost 'em
Catch him slipping, tripping get 'em for all his fortune
What's up with this Nas hatred? Y'all can suck my dick
Got these n***as wives naked making them fuck my fist
My mystique have the world froze
My physique got me dressed up in shell toes
And ganja leaf, I inhale slow
I'm from out of town capsule some kind of portal
Spitting these rhymes at you like I'm immortal
[Hook: V-12]
Lay low, lay low (lay low)
Cause all y'all n***as know (y'all n***as)
If you come to QB you're gon' get murdered
(You're gon' get murdered, murdered, murdered)
You're gon' get murdered (Why get shot up?)
If you come to QB you're gon' to get murdered

Same old dudes that jewel me, now salute me
I've grew more than they ever though I would be
Having no pops to mourn me, just show me
God didn't plan for another man to control me
You know me from busting my gun blood
But even up north my cell smell like Christian Dior
Before I lost my case I had to gain mastered
Been had heart now my papers starting to match it
I stack 'til they capture me and kept a bottle of half-a-G
And sold 20's while I rap to beats
My wifey beef over my robberies
But they've put my mans in the "L" still on the armory
Loyal to the heritage, though I put seven in it
Dude snaked me, word to Spanky, I never snitch
I put a bullet in your face 'fore I go to Jake
Rule number one out here; DON'T FUCK WITH LAKE
[Hook: V-12]

Yo, yo, yo, yo
Our guns are haunted with the ghost of bodies
Smoke 'em like we supposed to
Your whole crew comes face to face with shotty
Told you! Bravehearted, we appear when it's on
Light up your block like its day time y'all n***as be gon'
So many n***as that's be pursuing Nas, when they spot me
They be jumping out of moving cars and landing on my Timbs
I tell 'em be careful don't damage the skin
Amateurs cram around with the hopes to get glance at the end

Ayo most of my friends have ulterior motives
I'm wise cause I now realize that sound is golden
Mourned shorty, from cat shacky who wrote to me
Living through them back then was giving hope to me
I control many, being a flossiest
Most notorious, Queensbridge extortionist
Love my hood no question, I'mma rep it
But I'm not just a QB tenant, I'm the President

[Hook: V-12]