Do Ya’ Thang
Gon head n***a do ya thang watchu gon do'
Gon head head n***a..

OnGaud my n***a never speaking in vein
Like living off a dollar and a n***a still quick to rip a chain
Like rappers getting money still quicker to make it rain
Like n***as dnt kno u till they see u making a change
Like throw ya guard my n***a
Dnt throw yo heart my n***a like
Long as you runnin after the paper
Bitches run & chase ya
Tellem bitches wait
U'll be gone for a min
Tell my homies keep pacing
Tell fuck haters to fave face it
They on really kno me
But I'mma show em in a min
My momma told me you want it?
U got it!
My told me u want it ?
I'm riding!
If they want it i got it
Wanting a war and we fighting
Been grinding fall outta line
Savemoney, thempeople
-grabbing a whole of the pieces
Making em to beleivers
A puzzle once u can see it eh'

[Joey Verse]