[Produced by OnGaud]

[Hook (2X)]
Who Goddamn bang
Who Goddamn bang
Who Goddamn Goddamn bang bang
Who who Goddamn bang
BOB (6x)

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
How fast do your feet move?
When that banger on your ass, how fast do your feet move?
Bob! N***a, I'm gone
Focused on threats, I ain't watching no throne
I ain't focused on checks, just the craft that I own
Til the whole ship rock, like I put it on stone
In the wrong neighborhood full of folks that are knowns
Where your pockets get tapped, like we put em on phones
You ain't getting that back, we ain't taking no loans
Fuck you thought it was?
Like a Jeep, we need everything free
But you never think cheap
When you thought of us
N***as wanna be the goat, but these hoes go ghost
We like nope, hope you only think sheep
When you thought of us
Hope you never think sleep, we creep
Probably pull one of your Little Bo Peeps, if she BOB that bap
If she BOB that back, gone
[Hook (2X)]

[Verse 2: Mick Jenkins]
All around the city they working
Screaming, "Who Goddamn Bangz?"
Little n***a got it tucked in his jeans
It's these little n***as got it stuck in their brains, shoot
Pull the trigger til the shit is empty, recoup
If a yellow line n***a out the loop
Man the truth be the shit, for the soul
Add some soop, or a shoe
If you kick with the pros in the booth, like, BOB
Bang like, bang at the ops
All up in the trains, hitting stains at the stops
Strays with the frame in the picture, get cropped
It's a little girl, don't expect her to stop in the bigger world
Bang, all of your dreams
Me and my team came after your cream
Caught all of your hoes, then slaughtered your bros
My n***a, we banged all over your scene, BOB

[Hook (2X)]

[Verse 3: Dally Auston]
Who Goddamn bangz, my n***a
Feet so fast, runaway little n***a
Don't hang like, nah little n***a, don't bang
Slang, little gotta get paid
No job, but bills to be paid
Story of a n***a self made
Dreams of the guns go bang, tell her bob that bap
Bitches be gone, til I run in they home
N***as is wilding, not taking no fault
Do your feet move when that gun at your dome, in my city
You are not safe in your home
I'm a gangster granddad, and I'm proud of it
Getting rich or die, dying in the plans somewhere
Do you bang to the beat? N***as bang to the streets
On the mic, I bang
Kill em all, I pray
[Hook (2X)]