Bushwick Bill
Gotta Let Your Nuts Hang
You gotta let your nuts hang...

[Verse 1]
BOOM BOOM BOOM on your black ass, bitch!
Here's another hit from my shit
I made a couple of moves and five-ohs were outsmarted
Here's part two of how I started
Slangin' them thangs on a dope cut
Five-ohs are ridin' my dick, but so WHAT?
What can you do to a n***a like Face?
And why you sweatin' Ak in the the first place?
That's the motherfuckin' problem
See a young n***a rollin' a Beemer and gotta stop him
But I'mma tell you like this, heh
All lawmen suck dick!
Sneaky as hell and try to bust ya
But you can die motherfuckers, 'cause bitch I don't love ya
You're makin it harder, on my fellas
These dopefiend bitches, and the big drug sellers
How can you preach to the fiends that they should quit
While Barry's up in Washington smokin' that shit!
You need to get yourself a life or keep tryin'
Or more and more cops'll be dyin', 'cause I am
Sick of seein' n***as bein' shortstopped
By a buck-oh-five, dick in the booty-ass cop
You figure you're hard 'cause you're a cop, see
FUCK WITH ME! I'mma put that ass in a box, G
'Cause I don't give two fucks about ya punk
You may carry a .45 but yo I pack a pump
And you can step up if you wanna, bitch
I ain't askin' no questions, I'm goin' for my shit
I'm runnin' up I ain't afraid
I'm from the land of the heartless, the home of the paid
And if you want a gang no thang
I get my ass taxed, but I'mma STILL let my nuts hang!
You gotta let your nuts hang...

[Verse 2]
Barney calls me up he needs a ki'
But I can't give it to him, he ain't got 30 G
A Cuban on the Southside sells for 33
I'm goin' 12 and out because the shit is hurtin' me
The dope is gettin' short up in New York too
We sell it for 33, they sell it for 42
See what we gotta do is come together
They're tryin' to cut shit short, and they will if you let 'em
Now let's go out on a boat, YEAH~!
Pretend to be lawmen, and come out with dope
But first we gotta find a bitch with nuts
A down-ass bitch, who doesn't give a fuck
Distracts the cops, on duty
Walkin' around shakin' nothin' but booty
That's when we make our motion
Comin' from a small little island in the ocean
The other group comes in from the Rio
Me, Lil' J, Big Chief and O-Beedo
First we'll hit 'em up with some gas
Then launch a missle on they motherfuckin' ass
That oughta get the shit to float
Come back home slangin' nuthin' but snow
Then the prices'll drop again
N***as throwin' keys, payin' 10
You wanna get paid mayne?
Well that's what you gotta do; and you better let your nuts hang!
You gotta let your nuts hang... ha ha!

[Verse 3]
Look deep into the eyes of this criminal
I'm gunnin' n***as down, even women too
Back in the game I used to steal shit
Nowadays I don't sneak, you get killed bitch
And I don't give a FUCK about your rep
I got somethin' for your ass if you choose to step
One n***a from the Park comin' hard
Heh, sendin' motherfuckers to the morgue
Steady gettin' paid, pushin' powder
Cakin' motherfuckers sellin' flour
A brother like the Face ain't broke mayne
Hah, I started small time, dope game, cocaine
Just a reminder for those who forgot
A n***a got paid slangin' rocks
Bring on the magaziney people who ban, I won't duck 'em
They ain't never scared me before, so motherFUCK 'EM
You ain't never seen what I seen
Young n***as killin' people, and beatin' up the dopefiends
So if you wanna fuck with me, mayne
You better come prepared, 'cause I'mma let my nuts hang