Bushwick Bill
Power Moves
[South Park Mexican]
Yo, yo
It's all about these power moves, right (It's all about these power moves)
Think you understand what I'm sayin'

[Verse 1: South Park Mexican]
I need to relax or take a 48 hour cruise
Power moves
I'm sorry, but you cowards lose
Shout the news
"We done paid our dues"
It's not how I can
It's how I choose
The South'll rule
Came up
Out the blue
I show haters hell
And buy 'em flowers, too
If I was you
I wouldn't leave from around your crew
They wouldn't find you til the year 2002
I'll be countin' loot
Climbin' like a mountain boot
In the land where dope fiends play the glass flutes
Off in the night, at the scene stackin' green
While most men sleep, we servin' fiend after fiend
'86, breakin' bricks
Got hoes takin' tricks
Makin' hits
While I'm at Denny's, eating steak and grits
Bring the noise to you boys
Feel my Hillwood Opera
Caise ain't no stoppin' a motherfuckin' conqueror
Hook: Russell Lee
Power, moves
Power, moves
Power, moves
Power, moves

[Verse 2: Bushwick Bill]
(*laughing* Hey yo, ha ha, yo we got Shetoro in here right, we got my homie T, SPM in here)
Now it's all about teamwork
There's enough to feed
All on God's green earth
I reverse
The game now I be first
N***as try to act killer, but I've seen worse
Flee first, or get a
Taste of our dessert/desert
Wet T-shirts, I hurt
Ego trip talkin' shit be irrelevant
You like the smell of shit, you lack street etiquette
I push bricks
Fuck hoes all on the cushions
If it's only one bitch, I bet she's suckin' two dicks
SPM and Bushwick's
True top fillers
Mexican assassin and me
Jamaican killer
Power's the act performin' effective progress
Remember that when you see our six hundred topless
Third coast
H-Town, the third testament
You got three wishes, motherfuckers, make the best of it
Repeat Hook

[Verse 3: South Park Mexican]
Call me
Poppa Trunk
Or Daddy Mack 10
Back when I took cities like
In Clash of the Titan, passin' my writin'
Boyz On Da Cut, goin' faster than lightnin'
My Hill-a-hood's right past the woods
So every full moon, I dance with wolves
Used to fool with crack
Now I'm through with that
I just opened up the SPM School Of Rap
Jump for joy, H-Town
The south takin' over
Like when they mixed weed with a cup of baking soda
Playin' poker
Breakin' boulders
Shake your shoulders
Make you haters know this, that your silly game is bogus
Can't control us
We stay ferocious
But lay the lowest
Blaze a forest
My brain's in orbit
And they adored this
Great performance
I'm playin' organs
And pray the Lord it's
Kickin' like Bruce, takin' Norris
Now bring the chorus
Repeat Hook

[Bushwick Bill]
Y'all thought I was gone, right
I want to say what's up, my motherfuckin' homies from L.A
To New York
To the Midwest
To the dirty south
Naw what I'm sayin'
Keep it real (Keep it real...)

[Russell Lee]
Talkin' 'bout them power moves
Power moves
Power moves
Power moves