Shad da God
[Hook: T.I.]
Boss shit,fuck what any bitch say about it
Win or Lose I'm a motherfucking player bout it
Call Me better motherfucking pray about it
Money over bitches, hustle gang over everybody
Everybody, Everybody, not Everybody, Everybody
Money over bitches, hustle gang over everybody
Do you mean Everybody, Everybody, not Everybody, Everybody
Money over bitches, hustle gang over everybody

[Verse 1]
All these wheels that I've been in, and all these bitches I know y'all
If n***as really bout getting that check, how come nobody don't know y'all
This hustle gang we on go y'all, nothing but bully we throw y'all
Don't ask me nothing about yung L.A.,I don't know that n***a that dro dog

[Young Dro]
Ok ok 30" bitch I sit over everybody
12 gauge bluka, bluka, bluk, blast everybody
As far as talent go, T.i.p don't get mad when I find it
IF you ain't like that pussy n***a, why the****you sign him?
Only signed that n***a cause he had that song
Thought he was that n***a but I had that wrong
Had I known what I know, I'd a left that alone
We ain't been****sense, that's my two cents
Young gang of n***as that don't like me shawty
Gotta problem then come fight me shawty
You're to broke to green light me shawty
Got a bunch of paid n***as just like me shawty
[Young Dro]
We hold it down raw****my appearance is real
That****you talking is cheaper than the clearance for real
Shoot a n***a, blood start hemorrhaging ill
I been bossing up since we was trapping out of Riverdale

[Verse 2]
[Trae Tha Truth]
Hustle Gang Street kings, attitude like****you
Nature of an asshole, better let me the****through
They put me in position with choppers, so I'm on defense
I'm kobe when I shoot, never post I (thrrr) in sequence
Black on black like the sun gone, I bet you got this one wrong
How the****you go to war with handguns, my n***as march with they drums on
Hustle gang i g.d.o.d, still in this bitch like b.o.b
Ask T.i.P I'm go like mike, I take flight off t.o.p
I get money, yea, get money, y'all rubberband and I sit money
You trap stash and I fit money can't none of these hoes get****from me
I do me, get mine, in this Maybach where I sit fine
Ain't no stress I'm bossed up on this block collecting like rent time


[Verse 3: Chip]
I use to throw my coins away, bought pennies made pounds
Pennies for my force, and pussy every penny counts
And everywhere we go, these people wanna know
They wrecking, they turning up, carry on till your speaker blows
Cause time's money, money's time n***a
It's g.d.o.d, I'm still alive n***a
I rep my city, yea I put on for my cut
All I do is murder verse, now who wants to die first
It's hustle gang my n***a, I'm putting on for my team
Spazzing on that trigger, but I'm shooting after my dream
Been a problem since I stepped in,****it I'm fresher than a freshmen
Step in the booth and I'll burn the mic, like check one, two, testing

[Verse 4: B.o.B]
Hustle gang over everybody in here
If I'm in building alone then it's a hundred million in here
From another planet motherfucker I been sent here
My dick so long I'll go back time and****yo bitch for ten years
I'm this real, I'm this real, I'm colder than windshield
I walk through the front door like what's up the pimp's here
Life in the fast lane, I wake up in sixth gear
I wake up in vegas like bitch why you still here
That's just how I go about it, B.o.B best know about it
N***a I be everywhere, if I'm on a plane I know the pilot
All them haters talking shit, nowadays they show is quiet
Tell me why you front row, with your main bitch she so excited, so excited


[Verse 5: Shad da God]
We ain't got no conscious, we don't show no pity
Turn up in yo town, put this up in yo city
Dirty ass bank roll, no this ain't no diddy
Posted in the trap, pull up get a 50
Shitting on these n***as, safe to say A.P. shitty
Ain't nothing lil bitty, Big ass in my glass drop
And this****on 50, Careful what you ask for
Grind for every thing, so we ain't never had to beg for
Bad red bitch, you know I fucks until her legs sore
When I'm in her spot, you know that 45 on the dresser
Whole click sold blumma, don't get in****you can't handle
Straight pulling up in them toys, but we don't play around Southside Atlanta
Hustle Gang over everybody