Da Youngsta’s
Neighborhood Bully
(Oh my god)

[ VERSE 1: Qur'an ]
You might've seen him in school or chillin on the block
He might've took your candy or hit you with a rock
He never picks on nobody his own size
He's known for givin younger guys black eyes
The neighborhood bully, juvenile nightmare
He might've stole your bike and he never ever fights fair
Especially when you don't give up your lunch money
You're takin a chance of gettin punched, sonny
You know how much dude gots to ill
He doesn't even know you when he's all up in your grill
Talkin up all that junk, tryin to play you like a punk
Because his pop's a drunk and in school he's a flunk
And all girls do is flee him
You better pray every day that you won't see him
Because he's dirty in his hair is all wooly
Beware cause he's out there, the neighborhood bully

[ VERSE 2: Taji ]
He's stalkin when he's walkin, can't wait to buck you
Wherever there's a crowd he be waitin 'bout to jump you
It's all a part of his scheme
And when we run ( ? ) scene
Because he doesn't fit in
So he goes and looks for more trouble he can get in
He's sneaky, slimey, I thought I should remind you
Watch your back, jack, cause he might be behind you
You're just another kid to mess with
He has a temper button, so don't press it
Or say a word or make a sound
Because you might be pickin yourself off the ground
Believe me when I tell ya
He's a perfect example of a failure
So if you see a dirty ( ? ) wooly
Get set to jet, cause he's the neighborhood bully
What's his problem?
(The neighborhood bully)
Beatin you up
(The neighborhood bully)
Takin your lunch money
(The neighborhood bully)
Rippin your clothes
(The neighborhood bully)

[ VERSE 3: Tarik ]
He's like Brutus always messin with Popeye
You might be havin fun until he decides to drop by
To bust your bubble and put you through some nonsense
Cause all he has is trouble on his conscience
I don't see how some kids can manage
To let this guy constantly take advantage
He's scopin, you're hopin he doesn't start
Just to be smart he'll try to take your heart
Then walk with a stroll cause his role's to be tough
You had enough so you try to call his bluff
And tell him he doesn't scare you
He makes a fist and you say, "Yeah, I dare you"
Let him know, you ain't soft, gee
And when he steps say, "Back up off me"
I warned you fully
So watch your back, he's the neighborhood bully
(Oh my god)
(The neighborhood bully)