Da Youngsta’s
(Here we go
Here we go
Come on)

On your mark, get set (We're ready) Well, let's go
Eenie-meenie-minie-moe, who's gonna be the first to flow?
Tarik, so let me speak, and reminisce
(As we go a little somethin like this)
(Hit it)

[ VERSE 1: Tarik ]
Time's like sand in an hourglass
I remember crackin jokes in the back of art class
I was worse than a Bébé kid
But I still had more Good Times than JJ did
We didn't mean any harm, we were kids havin fun
We used to do things like pull the fire alarm and run
Go on missions and take long hikes
But that was only if we weren't racin our bikes
We used to come from the playground to get a scoop of ice cream
Me and my group, we made a nice team
And those days, I truly miss
That's why I took the time to reminisce

Reminisce, y'all
Reminisce, reminisce
[ VERSE 2: Qur'an ]
We used to make pretend we were superheroes
And sport our shell-tops, I can't believe we used to wear those
Kicks, with Kangols and garbadines
Now how can I forget about those old Lee jeans?
You know the ones with the permanent crease
It was me, Tarik, Taji and my man Little D
We must've had every color they made
We used to wear a close cut before we got a fade
We hustled up quarters because they came in handy
Then ran to the store to buy us plenty candy
Just to fill up our belly
Until we got home to make a peanut butter and jelly
After sundown some of us were still out
But when it got dark we knew it was time to chill out
Those days, man, do I miss
That's why I took the time to reminisce

[ VERSE 3: Taji ]
When I was small I was a video junkie
We used to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Oh yeah, and Musical Chairs
But that was only at the birthday affairs
We ate ice cream and cake
And danced till it was time to break
Never doin what we supposed to
And I was tryin to find a girl to get close to
In the winter we built snowmen
And stayed soaking wet when it was time to go and
We shot cooley, some call it dead rock
And watched The Flintstones live from Bedrock
Cause back then a car wasn't a big deal
We rather ride our skateboards than a big wheel
Lookin back, man, I truly miss
The days of old, that's why I reminisce