Da Youngsta’s
Iz U Wit Me
[Produced by Pete Rock]

Iz U Wit Me? (x8)

{Verse 1: Taji and (Tarik and Qu'ran)}
Walking up to my steps, my spot, I'm killing
Hanging with the snitch? Nah, nappy heads (FIST PUMPS!)
Wack rappers, you know I can't stand you
I'm rippin' through your town like Hurricane Andrew
Get more respect than ya neighbourhood (ROUGHNECK!)
Stay away from us, or I'll put you in check, UHH!
Huh, I'm strapped with the gat, plus my crew got my back!
(Wait a minute, what's up with them kids gettin' the guns?)
Just take 'em in the alley, and jet before the cops come!
(Okay, okay, so when should we do it?)
Right now, so get down
Uh, leak they mind, get ready to go to war
Grab the bats and make sure we knock down the front door
(BOOM, POP, BAM, UH!) Here I go again
If a punk tryna step, yo, I'm throwing in ya chin!

All the hip hop junkies, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the Muslims out there, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All my stick up kids, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All my kids off there, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All my crew with my sound, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the brothers on the corner, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the hustlers getting cash, (Iz U Wit Me?)
And all the pistol packers, (Iz U Wit Me?)
{Verse 2: Qu'ran and (Taji and Tarik)}
I'm comin' to get ya, like the grim reaper
Ya soul's in the hole and ya only get deeper
Check it, I pack it, don't wanna see I wreck it
Like a witch that get's wicked (So, yo, why don't ya rip it!)
On the mic, (HUT!) I gotta splash ya off the tank
A .38, so ya better clear the way
I hit like a grown man (So get with the program)
(Or ready to wreck the whole man) (I get well like Hoodin(i))
Absurd, the flow, I hit like a Polo
Punch and I rip on ya head is my logo
(OH NO, OH NO!) It's not did, it's done
So with ya mega plan, jump off a hundred miles and run!
Feel the bass to the Pete Rock track
The Mac Daddy snaps? He get a backhand pimp smack! (UH!)
If he tryna diss, I revert back to this
I kill with the skill so yo, make a death wish!

One say punks, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the money makers, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the girls without wigs, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the n***as rockin' cheese, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the pimps in the Jeeps, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the girls in the streets, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the boys in the hood, (Iz U Wit Me?)
And all the girls lookin' good, (Iz U Wit Me?)
{Verse 3: Tarik and (Taji and Qu'ran)}
Here's the news, got the blues, I'll blow a fuse
And knock out crews, yo the cops couldn't find no clues
The undertaker, takin' out suckas
So bustas, don't touch this, we'll see who's the roughest
So deep so don't freak when I speak chief
You weak by the terror, so peep the deep
(A PITY, A PITY!) (I'm kicking out the weak)
(A PITY, A PITY!) (So ya better not tempt me!)
Alright then, I'm young but a hell of a man
Uh, lynch ya more suckas than the Ku Klux Klan, yeah
A young blood that's all up in your area
(Say what, say what?) You know what? I'm 'bout to bury ya!
So there's the plot chief, are ya down, are ya not?
The red shock will get dropped by this hip hop
(Ha ha ha!) Yo, who gets the last laugh?
(DA YOUNGSTA'S!) So give a path for this warpath

Bums in slums, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All my bald head crew, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the pros with the skills, (Iz U Wit Me?)
And all those kids getting ill, (Iz U Wit Me?)
All the fine females, (Iz U Wit Me?)
And all the crew around my way, (Iz U Wit Me?)
And all the true hip hoppers, (Iz U Wit Me?)
And all the gangsta bitches, (Iz U Wit Me?)
(Iz U Wit Me?) x8
(Iz U Wit Me?) x8