Da Youngsta’s
Grim Reaper
[Scratch Hook]
"I'm coming to get ya, like the grim reaper"

[Verse One]
It's the return
My resurrection
Lethal injection
Causing infection
No question, I'm the kid you saw on the news
I wreck crews who refuse to pay dues
So, here's a sneak peak, I rock creep and grim reap beef
You're in knee deep so just peep
I refreak on hon's that never knew
I could run through your crew and screw any chick I want to
Drop bombs like [?] word is bond
If you wanna check the flavor then peep the rhyme
I'll take the razor
Cut ya from ear to ear
I have no fear, kicking nuts up to the rear
I cut your legs off and make you walk home
You're worse than a paraplegic, n***a ya gone
There ain't no coming back, I don't really care
Once dead, always dead, ya outta here

[Scratch Hook]
[Verse Two: Tarik]
Don't provoke I'm no joke, you get smoked, rhymes shoot like dope
You get washed up like soap, played out like Bob Hope
I'm no sucker, you're super loonie, keep stepping to me
With that he said, she said bull crap off the wall
You'll catch an ill smack with this ill track
I'm not a new jack, you can't cope, you stay broke, you can't rap
So bring the drama cause I'm more ready than ever, whatever
Cause none of y'll suckas can do it better
Check one, check two, I'm creeping up on your soul
You had your fun time sucker, c'mon now it's time to go
So step aside it's the grim reaper at your door
5'8", brown skin, skinny kid keeping it raw
Rough and roughed, displaying rhyme rependence
I'm in this to win this so n***a mind your business
Who is it?
The brother named Tarik coming at ya
I'll gat ya and smack ya
Watch out for the body snatchers

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse Three]
Well breaker break one two
Clear way so I can come through
Stepping with my Glock, bringing rawkus like the Wu
Ain't no thang I can go bang bang
Creep off the crime scene cause I'm great like a Dane
You'll get split like EPMD
Controversial like Dr. Dre and Eazy E
Intimidating from the door
Sucking n***as like a sand hole like on Star Wars
I effect like a laxative
With your plan locked down like a n***a doing a bid
I'm coming like a kid beating his wood
[?] more moves than the man Wilson Good
Chicken, back relax without the skunk
I can meditate without smoking a blunt, don't front
You know the music pumps coming from the trunk
Entering the scene with the Illy Filly funk
[Scratch Hook]