Da Youngsta’s
Bad 2 Da Bone
[Intro: O.C. Sample]
Bad 2 Da Bone

[Hook: O.C. Sample] x4
Bad 2 Da Bone

[Verse 1: Taj Mahal]
I'm Bad, thuggish-ruggish 2 Da Bone
Carry a chrome, on my own, fly to ya dome
Never will there be another brother like me
T.M., a legend like my man Rakim
Lotta n***as step up, they get slain in the rain
Feel the pain as the blood leaks from ya brain
Ya dead, flatline, no return
Burn from the fire, you must learn
That I don't play, ain't no games allowed
People clearin' out, some call me move the crowd
Known for makin' n***as run, top gun
A champion, a madman like Charles Manson
Legend of the Crewz Pop, it won't stop
As I kick mad flavour from my Verbal Glock
I shock the world, power overload, I explode
Blow up, yo, I'm out of control
When I roll up, buck buck, buck, shoot shoot
I'm on some Biggie shit son, Gimme Ya Loot
Taj Mahal is the greatest of them all
Plus I'm razor sharp like a cat's claw, haha
[Hook: O.C. Sample] x8
Bad 2 Da Bone

[Verse 2: Q-Ball]
As I tune into another frequency, Q-Ball
I'll never fall, stand tall to the yes, yes, y'all
Ya (?), ya nothin' but a young whippersnapper
Be the man, kickin' jams, (?), dang
Q.G.D., representin' streets o' Philly
Where n***as get silly with the guns over the funds
I'm the fearsome one, I stole your role like fees
My rhymes burn emcees like crack burns calories
Buckin' the knees, leavin' the scene with cheese
You played out like polka dots, more trifer than (?)
The clique I'm with, will spit on a n***a
With the trigger, Q break n***as so how ya figure that ya bigger
Bitch, make a bigger ditch like DFC
I lick shots, call me finger lickin' like KFC
Q-B, to the A to the double L
I'm high powered, with more volts than the third rail
I'm hittin' n***as with power moves, ya lose
Makin' suckas bruised 'cuz I must leave clues
Payin' dues, 'cuz I'm on a road to the riches
Lampin' in a AC with a TEC pullin' bitches
Gettin' my crews on to the break of dawn
Ya got beef, I'll buck ya down on ya front lawn
There's too much stress in this world to be a bitch
Releasin' it out, within my MAC-10 clip, 'cuz I'm
[Hook: O.C. Sample] x8
Bad 2 Da Bone

[Verse 3: Q-Ball]
The pessimist is the realness, I buck 'em down, with the hot shit
Ya fuck with this, ya get ya hood lit
Now peep this, I stroll through crews at my own risk
I'm sick with this, ya just been added to the (?) list
Mafia modality, stickin' n***as just to come up with my salary
It's all about power see
I'm strugglin' with mine, son, it's hard times
At the drop of the dime I swing crime like a baton
Qur'an Goodman, livin' large like (?)
Rollin' deep, squad rougher than the Gambino's
Monitor one, bucked up one
Any beef I defeat, call me a rebel like (?)
I fuck ya sample up like distortion
As a small portion, I ruin lives like abortion
The street sweeper, have ya swept off ya feet
Don't try to get deep, poachin', you a creep, I'm the ocean
I'm hopin', ya don't wantin' an open (?)
Bullets is pokin', leavin' n***as chests open
Ya wanna rumble? Yo, that shit's played out like pop, and
I pull out my 4-5, buck it and shoot ya pockets

[Hook: O.C. Sample] x8
Bad 2 Da Bone