Quiet Storm
N***as talking in my hood
I don't care about it
Talking in my hood like they're about it
Any violations, any passa
Man grab the wappa
Then come back again cause we're about it
And I never grew up off YOLO
That's why the work rate's mad
They call me N'Golo, that's Kanté
Grinding through the summer, no Zante
Team full of gunners
I control them like Santi
Forgot what I was meant to do
I think I got too high
I think, if you went to flooders on my man
I think you'd do bad
But Bane's on the phone talking Miami
Any passa at a show you'll end up in a ward
No Grammy
I was popping bottles
She was popping off the xannies
All I know, at food tonight
She'll be popping off her panties
Came back from Birms
I was looking to touch Manny
I was sipping on the Maggie
Instead of blowing off to Cali
Goals getting clearer
Goals getting nearer
I remember bro bussing
He had one hand in the air
Running down the road like Shearer
Tryna get a close up like
Tryna get nearer
I was like yo, what's your angle?
Are you really bout it?
You would snitch like Ratou
Groupy's getting mad
I'm like wah gwan boo boo
Skeng deaths so many times
Got them thinking I'm doing juju
I like it
I might mix the Balmain with the Bape shit
Real n***as only
I don't fuck with the fake shit
Fake n***a phobia
I know I've skipped death so many times
The mandem think it's over here
And you know the truth talks
So smooth with the bop
You thought it was the moonwalk
Don't wanna know half of it
Just know bro got nicked cause of the narcotics
And she just walked in, looking bolo
We don't talk much
I'm done talking like Kojo
Bro just phoned me
He said he's finished breaking z's
Talking bout the saucinista
I need to give that shit to Pez
Just see my aggy
So I agree with Salam
Although we both know what I'm doing is haraam
But I, still swing it on my deen
Right now I'm like potter
Got conversation with the fiend
Never had time for a mannequin challenge
I was too busy tryna add p's to my balance
Said you move dark and light like timelines
Next thing you're moving muscles just like mankind
Man they're all sick, and they're envy
High in Sanchez
This Rastaman don't mix with frenzy
Blowing off some sensee
Listening to Sensee
Shit I meant Sensi
Free my bro ten times
Could've rocked the DSQUARED2
Fuck i meant Benjart
Cost face
Ben what?
Polo, Fen what?
Bro said he's bailing council
But gave the michellin ten stars
I'm still licked off the last man
Left the dons from six
I ain't getting home till half nine
I'm still the same guy with no man around me
I drop a ban on your bitch
I tell her to tell her man about me
Had a job
Didn't make it past the first league
Gangbanging n***as still tryna make it past the first league
I make noise
Would the cappers still feel me?
If it weren't for the music
The opps would probably kill me
You sin and talk about us with the haters
While we're here with girls and serving food with the waiters
There's a pattern to this life shit
You try to hate on me
But you pattern when its my shit