John Tams
Hugh Stenson & Molly Green
Oh Bold Hugh Stenson is my name
From Ashbourne in the Peak I came
And at the age of seventeen
I fell in love with Molly Green
Poor pity then this sorrowed state
King George's army it is my fate
All for the shilling that passed between
Has parted me from Molly Green
She is a beauty I do declare
She come from High Church in Shropshire
She was an angel all in my eye
Which made me from my colours to fly
But when I was all upon the seas
I could not take one moments ease
She was daily all in my eyes
Home to her side then I did fly
Stenson, she said, I pray forbear
I know that you a deserter are
And if my parents should come to know
How soon they'd prove your overthrow
So to Wollerton near Nottingham
Where I put my trust in a false young man
Thinking him a friend to be
But he like Judas betrayed me
Then a court martial there was called
And I was brought before them all
And for deserting they did me try
And they condemned me for to die
From January until July
Upon these boards and stones I lie
And when I die without control
Let this sore scene sink in your soul
Come all young men where e'er you be
I bid you warning take by me
For at the age of seventeen I fell in love...