Neil Gaiman
I’ll Be My Mirror
(There was a)
Tiny asian woman screaming in the street today
And she was screaming at a person that she obviously hates
(She was so)
Loud we heard the screaming with our windows all rolled up
And we all looked down the street to see who she was screaming at

(but there was)
No one on the sidewalk so we all looked back at her
(and we saw)
In her homeless hands she held a 1960s mirror
A pretty plastic girly one framed in a purple case
And she was screaming at herself and she was spitting in her face

And we were scared and we were shaken waiting at the intersection
Looking at each other’s faces, and each one a shocked reflection
And we laugh with nervous laughter at the crazies in the street
But it’s only cos we know its how we kind of want to be
And there’s a fraction of a brain cell chain that makes us what we are
One false move you’re in the mirror, someone’s laughing from the car

Casey said she’d seen that woman half a dozen times
And that she has a bunch of mirrors, she has lots of different kinds
And I wondered what she’d shouted and I wondered what she’d done
The light turned green, and someone said we ought to put her in a song
I feel
Sorry for that woman as she stormed off in the day
With a bitter frozen enemy who will never go away
And so many of us hate ourselves but never shout in rage
We never get to hold a mirror, we never turn the page

And I’m lucky I’ve got people who will hold me in the night
And I’m lucky that you love me, and I’m glad we never fight
And I’m lucky that I like myself, but late at night I doubt
So I’m scared to look at mirrors, just in case I start to