Ghost Loft
So High
[Intro: Wiz Khalifa & DJ Deez]
N***a, this shit right here?
This what we do, W-E-E-D
I shouldn't have to tell you to roll the blunt, that should already be lit

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
N***as always ask me why I get (So high)
I tell 'em mind they fuckin' business
I'm tryin' to find a couple Swishers and I'm (So high)
I think I bought a box and don't remember
They watch, singin', "This boy" (So high)
You see that smoke coming out the windows
I keeps Urkel like the Winslows
You smell purple when the wind blows (It's fading away)
Don't know how I wake up sober, I go to sleep (So high)
Can't even keep my eyes open
'Member first time I tried smoking
Wiz (So high), damn near thought I was gon' die chokin'
Smoke Kush, so that's probably why I look (So high)
Eyes gettin' red, mouth all dry (It's fading, it's fading, it's fading)
My memory, y'all (It's fading away)

[Interlude: DJ Deez]
I need you to call up if you know for a fid-act that you got the best weed in your motherfuckin' town or your section
Yeah, Taylor Gang gon' be in your city or state and I need you to blow it down with your boy
It's Mr. EZ Wider with my man Wiz Khalifa, Mr. Blow It by the O
Swisher Sweets, no Phillies
Come on
[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Took a trip out to Cali and, man, I never been (So high)
Before or even after that
Me and my n***as rollin' back to back until we get (So high)
Yeah, on the road
Thirty blunts before a show, they like how do you perform (So high)
I say, "This what I does"
You could say I love my drugs
Matter fact, roll another one, girl, my buzz (Is fading away)
I'll get everybody in this bitch (So high)
Brought the chronic, everybody get a spliff
Don't smoke, get a tiny little whiff and be feeling (So high)
Smokin' in my car, don't even know how I could even drive my whip (So high)
Roll another one when the first blunt's lit (It's fading, it's fading, it's fading)
My energy, y'all (It's fading away)
It's fading away

[Outro: Wiz Khalifa]
Yeah, you know, keep that cloud of smoke, man
Stay rollin' up them Swishers, pullin' out that bag