Ghost Loft
Be Easy (Danny Seth Remix)
[Chorus: Ghost Loft]
We don't have to speak
We don't have to try
Just be easy
Just be easy
We don't have to show
We don't have to hide
Just be easy

[Verse: Danny Seth]
Take it easy while I'm going harder
Spanish chick on my side saying nada
Devil in a dress but she ain't rocking Prada
Fur coat season cause the winter's coming
I'm all about my chips like Dorito lovers
Fuck is up with all these rappers, man? I swear they all late
I'm up early for the money, boy, egg McMuffin
Hair looking scruffy, [?] from out the country
Diamonds jumping out my wrist, you'd think they doing bungee
I ain't worried 'bout the competition, boy
Cause what you call a competition, from here, man, it look like nothing
Check my resumé, boy, I been stunting
The waitress know me by my real name cause I'm tipping hundreds
Make this shit look easy, this a quick example
I'mma have the game wrapped up, Christmas parcel

[Bridge: Ghost Loft]
Somewhere along the way
Our path has gone astray
And nothing else remains
Everything's changed, nothing is the same

Just be easy
Just be easy
Just be easy
Just be easy