The Godz Must Be Crazy
[Verse 1: Celph Titled]
Straight out the red depths of Hell bringin' the plagues and diseases
I walk on water with my own two feet n***a, fuck Jesus!
Celph Titled's a God with many followers
Who's sick enough to choke a pitbull with his own dog collar
I rep the NYC, fuck bitches and sip Remy
Pack more toast than Denny's and conduct symphonies
You fuckin' with me, you won't live to see tomorrow, faggot!
I keep it gangsta, storin' bodies in a dusty attic
You can't talk 'cause of the duct tape, you fuck face
The Demigodz from the Chrome Depot blazin' with .38's
My clique is famous for the way we spit and rock flows
Leave the spot blown and send bitch-n***as to casa carajo

[Verse 2: One Two]
Beware! Emcees out there, drop ya mics
Your talkin' might result in the loss of life
And also might, known to crush blocks of ice
The spot is bright 'til the point you lost ya sight
'Cause I'm startin' fights like that bully in class
Sayin', "When the bell rings bitch, I'm kickin' your ass!"
I spit at stage shows where herbs and weirdos
Screamin' "Oh No" like Nate, Mos Def, and Pharoahe
It's a rare flow, put your cameras on zoom
'Cause it's tight like all the Klumps crammed in a small room
[Verse 3: L-Fudge]
Fudge is the shit, been busy puttin' cups to my lips
Gettin' it outta me, gave the weed a couple of hits
Mary Jane lately grew some succulent tits
But everybody's hittin' it, ended up dumpin' that bitch
Mastered the art of reverse psychology
Gimme a minute with a chick and she'll exchange a suck for a lick
Broke n***a, give bartenders a buck for a tip
Take a sip and give it back, say, "Spruce it up a tidbit"

[Verse 4: Spin 4th]
Who in the fuck?! Rappers hidin' under their trucks
Jumpin' through windows, actin' like lightning just struck
Holdin' the do', cuttin' they 'fros, wearin' disguises
Exercising, puttin' on weight, increasing sizes
Packin' their tools and rollin' in schools, learnin' dialects
Ebonics, that ain't workin' no more, we need some vile shit
Yaggfu, Demigodz alliance
We colossal like Paul Bunyan and Jolly Green Giant

[Verse 5: Metropolis]
Well, I'm that fly gringo that chicks love to deep throat
With tracks so hot you'll pass out from heat strokes
I beat foes on both, West and East, Coasts
The freak hoes are rhymin' on Luke's Peep Show
I'll crush ya ego, embarrass you in ya home town
So forget the fame, you won't wanna be known now
I throw down with you half-ass rappers
And stuff your garbage rhymes inside trash compactors
[Verse 6: Louis Logic]
I'm a Demigod, what'd you expect?
From a man who met Mother Nature
Looked under her dress and wasn't impressed
The same stupid son of a bitch who doesn't respect
The Angel of Death's request when he comes to collect
Run and eject my cassette, it's a slight chance
You might see demons escaping from in the deck
And now they like... "Sweet Jesus, please see us through this
I ain't tryna die over a beef with Louis!"
But when I increase the rudeness of my evil music
It leaves the stupid people skewered and leaks ya fluids
Into the streets and sewers, if by chance God sees me do it
Should shoot a big hole down to Hell and lead me to it (biatch)

[Verse 7: Open Mic]
My microphone of rawness dismantles opponents
Components in moments
Leaving you and your cipher with my condolence
When I'm heated to max you'll be sufferin' from repeated attacks
Defeatin' you cats with fatter tracks, faggots collapse
When they be hearin' collabs over the wax
Like with subway rats we walk on underground tracks
I've come to an overstandin' that you lack in what I'm excellin' in
Professional at propellin' adrenaline
In fact, Open Mic attacks in stereo sound
Pull out my dick and I'll piss all on your burial ground
You better not clown or ever try to fuck with my committee
'Cause the Demigodz are comin' like a storm to your city
[Verse 8: Rise]
Yo, we could go to war right now, go call ya brethren
Man the fight's on, I'll see you in Hell - from Heaven
Reppin' everything I write tight, said it for a long time
I'm great in my eyes, I'm a legend in my own mind
Applause after your set? That wasn't respect
The crowd ain't happy, you wreck, they happy you left
They mad upset, pissed that they came for you rhymin'
They barely survived your set, families huggin' and cryin'
Don't come back, the rap competition's gettin' hurt up
Beat within an inch of ya life, and then an inch further
Been heard of, this crew takin over this art
Ahead of you in skill, flow, and popularity charts

[Verse 9: Motive]
Mo'; known to flip plus the flow be sick
The type of cat that show his dick before he spit
I'll rush ya crew, but n***a fuck the rules
With trust ya lose, anything I touch I bruise
Now with Demigodz, I battle with any squad
I spit plenty bars, plus ball like Penny Har'
So if you thinkin' to stick this man for them dividends
Catch a quick two bullet blaze in ya abdomen

[Verse 10: Esoteric]
Yo, lemme show these cats what rockin' a mic's about
I'll put ya life in doubt like the biker scout, wipin' out
You're a bitch, the reason why you're strikin' out's
'Cause girls who get with you think they're dykin' out
You backpackers home typin' out, a verse for ya title bout
While I'm in a Lamborghini with James Gandolfini
Rappers try to be me but they can't get my look down
My Bumpy Knuckles leave this industry shook down
When I rhyme, I'm so ahead of my time
That if we battled at 10, get there by 20 at 9
I'm as heavy as Spawn, Esoteric savage B
I'll spit bars at rappers like a chocolate factory

[Vese 11: Jabber Jaw]
Yo whatchu known for? Killin' rappers off like a famine
The last standing like Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon
It took some time plannin' but I'm finally here
Just droppin' knowledge on ya brain, and puttin' flavor in ya ear
At the start of my career people said they wasn't feelin' me
But now everybody think's I'm Keith Murray's 'Mini-Me'
A critically acclaimed harsh heartbreaker
Got into a slug fest and broke out the salt shaker

[Verse 12: Apathy]
Can't you see my mental is creating verbal force fields?
Elevating spiritual, my physical is more real
Reality is 99% perception mostly
Mag-nificent, my missiles sent!
Heat-seeking bombs detonating! I'm invading-vading!
Space-space station, face me, A-P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C
I see now that the light has come to me!
I'm the tornado, natural disaster, lacerating rappers
Known as Apathetic magnetic power attracting masses
Masked with gastric acids, turning ya flesh to ashes
Two thousand and two Demigodz'll crush you wack asses