Heat Speakers
[Intro: Celph Titled narrating]
"The time has now come, when the Godz from all four corners of the Earth have combined to form an entity unparalleled. Under gray skies, where the Sun is ashamed to shine. Shoutin' their names from Hell's breath, with speech made of fire. Be those who shall strike their wrath."

[Verse 1: Celph Titled]
Motherfuckers better shut they mouth when the Godz spit rapid fire wisdom
Guns and grenades, my brigade consists of killer henchmen
There ain't a n***a that's liver, I'm a Gun & Ammo subscriber
That's quick to burn numerous holes through your Avirex fibers
I'm on some mob shit, Cuban mafia conglomerate
Tommy Gun nozzle spittin' hollows tips, lauchin' like rocket ships
I got Glocks and clips that are damn near ready to chase you
A bullet with your name on it, eager to kill and erase you
My Demigodz swordsmen are trained to slice precisely
You should question wifey, why your children look just like me
Come out the closet 'cause I know your whole crew's fag
I saw 'em on the corner, rockin' rainbow-colored do-rags
I rhyme fast and you just a bunch of slow herbs
You gettin' cuts and bruises trippin' over your own words
You better worship the barrel n***a, my Glock is holy
Re-fry your ass and serve you on a plate with guacamole
The MAC Don, my teeth cut through Teflon
I was raised draggin' bodies through the door sayin', "What's up mom?"
N***as think I'm a vampire, I ain't seen the sun since it was set on fire
I'm the fuckin' second comin' of Messiah
My promo manager didn't know what he was in for
I'll come to your town, rob the cash register at my in-store
I know Muslims that rather piss on the Koran in front of Farrakhan
Then try to fuck with me when I get my battle on
[Verse 2: Esoteric]
This is mic mastery, I massacre men automatically
Rapidly bringin' tragedy that shatter Grey's Anatomy
Rhymin' like it's '89, I'm slashin' through your cavalry
With Lou and Apathy, I got the Demigodz in back of me
So cross me, you'll get stabbed like Jesus's wrists
Cease and desist, even sober cats be pleadin' the 5th
Y'all bitches know who it is, I'm back from the dead
Your facts be off base like recoverin' crack heads
The heat speaker with Celph Titled the beat freaker
My fleets eager to fire Silver Bullets like Bob Sieger
To all God seekers, it's the end of the road
My sentence is gold, the venom in my pen'll explode
Penance is old, I'll rhyme 'til I'm sick and disgusted
You'll go out with a bang like a chick in a snuff flick
I flow with the slang, Esoteric commands shit
Responsible for more head bus'in' then public transit

[Verse 3: Louis Logic]
You ever had a nightmare? Yea you were at an open mic where
Your friends and family were watchin' through the bright lights glare
And I dared you to flow but you woke up screamin' in pain
And quite scared, only to find me standin' right there
A demon over your head, leanin' over your bed
To lead you closer to death while you dreamin' you overslept
I leisurely stole your breath like that kitten in Cat's Eye
I'm that sly, the Klan will start wishin' they're black guys
Tell your girl she should be slimmer her fat thighs
I slipped a disc in my back when was hittin' it last night
And last I checked, the main theme of livin' the rap life
Is to snatch mics like I don't have mine yet
I want 1 for my hand, 2 Live on the stage
3 in the lab, 4 is a surplus, and 5 on the page
I want my face on the TV in every home in the country
'Til Mom's so sick of seeing me she don't even want me
[Verse 4: Apathy]
You wanna battle for money, well I can spit it acapella
And probably make you drop a mil-li-on like Rocafella
'Cause tryin' to take the mic away from Ap when I'm spittin'
Is like Mya tryin' to wrestle Missy for a piece of chicken
My verses reverse Earth spinnin' on it's axis
'Til wack rap acts wax starts spinin' backwards
Now play the record forward and try to figure it out
Yo, I snatch profits and chips until my pocket rips
While y'all race through space in fake rocket ships
If I stay on my computer then I'll start up the apocalypse
Simulating' nuclear war like Matthew Broderick's
Ap used to be known for complex rap
Now I diss chicken heads like I'm Project Pat
Ladies I hypnotize 'til they let me lick their thighs
You can see those little heart shapes in your bitches eyes
I'm Don Juan, Es Caliente, Rico Suave
The Lone Ranger, y'all are like Tonto... Kimosabe
Tryin' to diss the champs but you missed your chance
You got so shook on stage that you pissed your pants
My hand grips 'til my fists get pistol cramps
You couldn't relax if your raps were mystic chants like
(Ooommm) Tryin' to meditate or levitate
But make sure you standin' 50 feet back to detonate