Jus Allah
Watch Out
Magnetic what up, what up Steele? Astro?? on this one fam. N***as hate to learn (yep), and learn to hate though (haha). Please educate all comrads everyday (yessir)
"Listen to me."

[Verse 1: General Steele]
I pump death to the death, let the blind lead the dumb
I’m a mess when I’m stressed, use a mic like a gun
Shoot a verse through your vest verb shatter your chest
Every word I project manifests in the flesh
I’m destined to rep on deck where the weapon is kept
Fully loaded Smith and Wesson how I earned my respect
Steele the vet, I’m still ill, still with TEC
Still will kill that real with the King Magnetic

[Verse 2: Esoteric]
Check it, it’s highly unlikely you can out-write me
You might need a bodyguard like Letterman I injure men
I’m vintage when I blast bayonets, jacket made of ninja skin
So interesting I reenact the son of Sam murders
Don’t kid a Kinison no sin is innocent
I dress British, think Yiddish, my verse makes you all skiddish
Like De La’s first iddish, it’s Esoteric, f**k you cop outs
We knock cops out, hah, you should watch out
[Verse 3: Ali Armz]
Cause we watch and ain’t scared of the cops
And when I die my lawyer in Heaven is Johnny Cochran
So I spread my wings let freedom ring
Instead of shine I used to stay on the stoop and move this loot with my Jedi mind

[Verse 4: Godilla]
Dred will find his essence, along with a weapon
Organize, rhyme my lines, or I deal with my [?]
[?] no second guessing, triple my stakes
Violate, fist to the face, inspire my apes

[Verse 5: Jus Allah]
I recite grace, flashlight under my face
To some it’s the past life come jumped in my place
Asunder my taste punish the mistakes come from my hate
Erase the look of wonder from her face, hunger awaits
Wear gloves, there will be blood, not to get warmer
Hence two strips of crud from my lip corners
Supreme killing machine, I’m a busybody
A little hard work never killed anybody

[Verse 6: Vinnie Paz]
My mind a hologram cousin I’ve been nice since ‘86
Right around the time they started moving that grey sh*t
I ain’t overcomplicated, give me the basics
Glock 45 Lord give you a facelift
I’m drunk all the time, every day May 5
Rhyming ain’t for you god, stay on your dayshift
Negative motherf**ker, I hate sh*t
Y’all are on that gay sh*t so you could make hits
Yo Mag, what up cousin?
What up baby
Yeah. Let's go

[Verse 7: King Magnetic]
F**k if you did and he suffered his tyranny
Harder than finding MCs that f**k with me lyrically
Every big touching me spiritually, knuckle invariably
Punk your security, sand dunes, nothing is near to me
? and a mask like door math teacher
Not a killer but King Mag chalk out features
Have the coroner exploring you like Dora does ? caught a buzz
War with us you can’t afford, get courted by more of us

[Outro: King Magnetic]
Everything Is a Gamble Vol. 3
Get familiar
Hip hop, baby