The Pharcyde
Hot short days, long sweaty nights
The changing of the equinox
I was delayed on delta thinking about my shelter
In Pasadena when a man, I was emphazema
Let the top down, turn the volume up some decibels
And rolling down the street
Ass all up on my testicals like lice, summertime is always nice
From Dena to the L. B. C. and start driving the telly 3 0 1
Time jump behind me flashing lights like a disco
Was lookin' like Danny Terrio, herbs in scenario, it's summertime
It's summertime and the livin's easy
Ridies on the microphone with Ras M G
All people in dance will agree that we're well qualified
To represent the L. B. C., me, me and Lawee
We go run to the party and dance to the rhythm, it gets harder
Days hotter than coco as smooth as coco butter
My mind was cluttered with thoughts of being home
My zone, closing my shutters, imagine the microphones
And lying under the covers with my baby bear
Banging with dreamy stairs, shoulder shoulder then hair
Put a n***as underwear with the baby T
Whispering words like, come and play with me
What a beautiful day to be free, that is it
Evil, I've come to tell you that she's
Evil, most definitely
Evil, ornery, scandalous and
Evil, most definitely
The tension is getting hotter
I'd like to pull her head underwater
You know it's seasonal
Temperatures reading exactly at 1 0 1
Ran into sublime when I was rollin' high on the 1 0 1
Northbound in tune with the earth sound
Sound wave and the sun beams
When I'm on the microphone
I freak beats and rearrange scenes
When I'm on the microphone
I make heads bob, we smoke hella herbs
'Cause herb attracts the Gods
(You gotta gotta gotta keep it comin' on)
One day I was joggin' through the concrete jungle
And all of a sudden I slipped on some sublime
And landed in the pharcyde, it's all good, it doesn't matter
We have sunshine in the air, good smoke and good people everywhere
You know I know, we must stay strong, and keep it, keep it comin' on